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Bedehouse Bank, Bourne

Bedehouse Bank is a small part of Bourne, in Lincolnshire. It lies around national grid reference TF103197, in the area between the Roman course of the Car Dyke and its diverted, medieval one. On the third, northern side is the Bourne Eau. Since about 1980, it has become a modern residential area but it is unlike other parts of the town in that the dendritic layout of its plots shows no sign of formal planning. There are two plans of it, dating respectively from 1826/7 and 1947. They make it quite clear that the estate of the Earls of Exeter had an interest in the site as a whole but that some ambiguity about ownership had arisen. When combined with other information, this all gives an impression of a field which was taken over more or less informally, by people who made a living by burning lime.

This page is intended to provide links to others on related topics, as and when they are transcribed or composed.

This group of web pages consists of transcriptions of documents (T) relating Bedehouse Bank, its people and its economic base, links (L) to articles on the subject on other sites and plates (P).

The Site

from the Marquis of Exeter’s estate book (1826-7)

The Site Plan P

List of Owners T

The neighbouring South Fen P

from the Bourne Abbots estate map (1825)


from the Auction Catalogue (1947)

Site Plan P

Summary of information

Lime Burning

from Brees’ Glossary (1852):

Lime, Limestone & Mortar T

from Muspratt’s Chemistry (ca. 1859):

Lime Burning T

Large-scale Lime Burning T

Uses of Lime

from Muspratt’s Chemistry (ca. 1859):

Mortar T

Tanning T

from Wikipedia

Agricultural lime L

Calcium hydroxide L

Liming soil L

Soil pH L

Mortar (masonry) L


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