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Bourne Abbey was a small house of Arrouaisian canons, founded in 1138 and dissolved in 1536 but the building also housed the parish church. For this reason, much of the church building remained in use after the dissolution and has a story to tell of events which have happened in and around it, before 1536 and since. Some can be found by the skills of historians, in written documents; others need to be read from the building by archaeological interpretation. When put together, the two sets of information tell a surprisingly full story.

This page provides links to transcriptions of documents and interpretations. Some are on this site but many come from elsewhere.


The Bourne Abbey Church web site.


Documents (transcriptions, translations and summaries):

The Augustinian Rule: Augustinians of the Midwest site

Parish Register (reference) 1562 to 1650

        Introduction to the printed edition.

The Ormulum (sample text): Ormulum Project 

Bourne Charities: a list formerly displayed in the church

John Moore’s Bourne Abbey 1809

Dugdale’s Monasticon Bourne Abbey on the Monastic Matrix site

Baldwin fitz Gilbert de Clare:  family tree.  Use ‘find’. See also. 

Thomas Holland, 2nd Earl of Kent    Make a ‘find’ search for Bourne.    

Edmund Holland, 4th Earl of Kent (Plantagenet family tree)   Make a ‘find’ search for Bourne.

Market and fair charters: for Bourne Abbey’s property at Wilsford see Ancaster.

The Restoration Church: John James Gaches.


The Abbey Buildings (archaeological approach):

The possible Monastic Almonry

The Browne memorial

The Clay Chandelier

The Old Grammar School

William Dodd, vicar


Bourne Abbots (The manor established with the abbey):

Bourne Abbots Home Page

The Abbey Lawn: Wikipedia article

Bourne Abbots estate map (1825)

The Pochin memorial


Studies (modern writing on the respective subjects):

Bourne Abbey: David Roffe

Bourne Abbey: Wikipedia article

Bourne Abbey: Rex Needle

Bourne Abbey: British History Online   

The Arrouaisian Order (and other Augustinian orders)

The Augustinian Order:  Wikipedia article

Canon Regular: New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia. See also.

Arrouaise: Wikipedia article

Ormulum: Wikipedia article

The Ormulum Project 

Robert Mannyng a Gilbertine, originally from Bourne: Wikipedia article

A use for one of the abbey’s fish ponds.

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