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Bourne Abbots.

This group of web pages consists largely of notes and photographs of documents relating to the Manor of Bourne Abbots, one of the two manors into which Bourne was divided when the abbey and castle were established. The likely date of this is 1138, the date of the abbey’s charter. Once the abbey was dissolved in 1536, the manor became secular. Its manor house was originally, the abbey but was subsequently placed at the eastern end of Austerby. That seems to have been destroyed by fire in 1605 and replaced by the building which though it has been much added to, remains as the core of the present one. In 1764, George Pochin built a grander house known as the Abbey, or nowadays, as Abbey House. Its former sheep lawn remains as the Abbey Lawn. This house was demolished in 1879.

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The Bourne Abbots Estate Map

(I)      indicates that the photograph is taken from the inset detailed enlargement of the town part of the parish.

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            the abbey site (I)

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Eastgate (I)



            the East Field

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Abbey House

          The Abbey Lawn


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