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Bourne Castle

This group of web pages consists of transcriptions of documents (T) relating Bourne castle, links (L) to articles on the subject on other sites and plates (P).

Jacob’sCastle1 L Kenneth Jacob’s research into documentary evidence about Bourne Castle

Jacob’sCastle 2 L Kenneth Jacob on Rex Needle’s site

Marrat’sCastle T William Marrat’s Essay on Bourne Castle. 1816

Moore’sCastle  T John Moore’s Essay on Bourne Castle. 1809

Swift’sCastle T John T.Swift’s Essay on Bourne Castle. ca.1925

Trollope’sCastle T Edward Trollope’s Lecture on Bourne Castle. 1861

Venables’Castle T Edmund Venables’ Essay on Bourne Castle. 1889

Castle plan  P from the Marquis of Exeter’s estate book (1826-7)

Castle plan  P from the Bourne Abbots estate map (1825)

Fowler’s plan  P from Trollope’s Castle. 1861

Bourne and its Castle  T in Camden’s Britannia (Birmingham University) Click on the green square for the original version.

Bourne Castle L in Leland’s Itinerary. See p. 25.


Plate 1        A pisé wall

Plate 2       A pisé wall detail

Plate3         The late thirteenth century works as parch marks

Plate6        The fore building and motte revetment as parch marks

Plate8        The fore building and motte revetment as parch marks viewed from the motte

Plate12       Seventeenth century fortification

Plate13       The moats and motte

Plate14       The inner bailey moat and motte

Plate15       Parch marks in the inner bailey

Plate 20 Inner bailey parch marks with interpretation


References on Paper

An archaeological section across the inner bailey and inner bailey moat (P. Cope-Faulkner)

An archaeological resistance survey on the motte, inner moat and inner bailey (D.C. Hibbitt)

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