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Aspects of the Several Trades formerly found in Bourne

This page is intended to provide links to others on topics related to trades such as tanning, fellmongery, lime burning and malting which have formed parts of Bourne’s economy.

This group of web pages consists of transcriptions of documents (T) relating to Bourne’s economic base, links (L) to articles on the subject on other sites, plates (P) and studies (S).

Trade Directories

from White’s Directory (1826) T

from Pigot’s Directory (1835) T

from Pigot’s Directory (1841) T

from White’s Directory (1882) T


The Clay Family’s financial affairs (1726-43)

Brewing and Malting

From Muspratt’s Chemistry (ca. 1859):

Beer and Barley T

Malt and Malting T

Water for brewing T

Hops T

Grinding malt T

from Wikipedia

Brewing L

Malting L

Clock Making

A. Hopkins ca. 1835 S



Paterson’s Roads 1826 P


The Bourne Railway Home Page S

Speculation 1854 T

Bourne & Essendine Railway prospectus 1856 T

Opening Timetable 1860 T

Economic Adaptation 1860 T

Ownership outside the town ca.1894 T

Yahoo group blog on the Railways of Bourne. L

Leather Trades

Leather Making

From Muspratt’s Chemistry (ca. 1859):

Leather T

Tannin T

Tannin sources T

Grinding bark T

Hides T

Hide preparation T

Tanning T

Leather finishing T

Speciality leathers T

from Wikipedia

Leather L

Tanning L


T.W. Mays & Sons’ Advertising Booklet (ca. 1907) T

From Muspratt’s Chemistry (ca. 1859):

Hide preparation T

from Wikipedia

Fellmonger L

Shoe Making

North’s Shoes Advertising web page L

Lime Burning

from Brees’ Glossary (1852):

Lime, Limestone & Mortar T

from Muspratt’s Chemistry (ca. 1859):

Lime Burning T

Large-scale Lime Burning T

Uses of Lime

from Muspratt’s Chemistry (ca. 1859):

Mortar T

Tanning T

from Wikipedia

Agricultural lime L

Calcium hydroxide L

Liming soil L

Soil pH L

Mortar (masonry) L


from Muspratt’s Chemistry (ca. 1859):

Grinding grain T

from Brees’ Glossary (1852):

Water wheels T

from Wikipedia

Water wheels L


The Woolley Family’s trades L

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