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Bourne People: Hereward.

This group of web pages consists of transcriptions of documents relating to the story of Hereward, son of Leofric, of Bourne, Lincolnshire and modern people’s writings around the subject.

Much the most important set of the transcriptions presented here is taken at two removes, from the book formerly held at Peterborough Cathedral, and known by names such as Robert of Swaffham’s Book. The version here was published as parallel Latin and English text in a supplement in Fenland Notes and Queries, from 1895. The Latin text was transcribed by S.H. Miller and this was translated by W.D. Sweeting.

Other links, internal and external, on this home page are to pages dealing with other sources of information about the life, works and times of Hereward and about the way in which his story has been transmitted to us.

Links :-

The Story:

De Gestis Herwardi

Hereward’s Deeds

The Hereward Story with Commentary.

Notes on Charles MacFarlane‘s version; The Camp of Refuge.

William Marrat’s version.

Charles Kingsley’s version.

The Context:

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.

The Memory of 1066 in Written and Oral Traditions. Elizabeth van Houts

Hereward the Wake: Introduction. TEAMS site

Hereward ‘the Wake’ and the Barony of Bourne. David Roffe

Norman Supremacy S.J. Murray. See more

Political and Cultural Relations between Norway and England after the Conquest. Bjørn Bandlien


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