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The Bourne Entry from William White & Co.’s Lincolnshire Directory of 1826

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The alphabetical list of residents.

The classified list of trades and professions.

The locations of some of the places mentioned may be found in Bourne Places.

Thanks are due to the trustees of the Willoughby Memorial Library for the loan of a copy of the book.


A market town and parish, in the hundred of Aveland and division of Kesteven; 36 miles SSE. of Lincoln, and 97 miles N. of London; containing 404 houses, and 2029 inhabitants. Here was formerly a castle, and an Augustine Abbey; of the latter there are still some small remains; it was founded in 1138, and at the dissolution was granted to Richard Cotton. This monastery was dedicated to St. Peter and St. Paul, and it is stated by Leyland as being of the annual value of £200: he also says that it maintained eleven canons.

The church is dedicated to St. Simon and St. Jude, and is a handsome building, and formerly had two large square towers at the west end. The living is a discharged vicarage, valued at £8. The Methodists and Baptists have each a place of worship in the town.

Here is a free school, which was endowed in 1653, with £30 per annum, by Mr. Thos. Trollope, for the education of thirty poor children. He also founded an Hospital for six old men; besides which is another Alms-house for the reception of six old women; and several charitable benefactions for the poor of the town.

The old Town-Hall, which stood in the centre of the market place, was taken down in 1821, and a handsome structure erected in its stead. In this building the Petty Sessions for the parts of Kesteven are held, at Michaelmas and Christmas. On the ground floor are the shambles. A market is held here every Saturday: and fairs April 7th, May 7th, October 29th, and November 30th.

In the town is a medicinal spring, the waters of which have a brackish taste, and are of a purgative quality. Near to this is another spring, which turns in its course three mills within a short distance from its head.

The unfortunate, though celebrated, Dr. William Dodd, was born here in 1729, his father being then vicar of this place.


Edward Gough, post-master.

Mail to London at 6 evening; to Lincoln and the North at ½ past 8 morning.

MiscellanyConsisting of the Names of the Gentry, Clergy, and Tradesmen, not inserted in the Trades’ List.


Beedzler Dixon, glass, china, and hardware dealer

Beedzler Sarah, brazier and tinner

Boyer john, cooper

Bray John, turner and chair maker

Christopher Charles, gardener

Daniell Wm. printer, Bookseller, & stationer

Digby Mrs. Caroline

Dodsworth Rev. Joseph

Ferraby Benjamin, veterinary surgeon

Greenbury Peter, gentleman

Harbut Wm. gentleman

Layton George, auctioneer

Morris John, wheelwright

Nicholl Geo. J. M.D.

Oldham Joseph, hat mfr.

Sellars Thomas, slater and plasterer

Swift John & Geo. Glovers and breeches makers

Tabor Thos, basket maker

Wilson Rev. John


Clifton John, (timber)

Eadon Alexander, (coal and timber)

Munton, Clifton, & Co. (corn and coal)

Wilcox & Pennyston, (coal)


Kirk Thomas

Shearman Richard, (Free)

Woulds Richard


Claypon, Garfitt, & Claypons; on Masterman and Co.: J. Mawby, agent

Peacock, Handley, and Co.; on Barnetts, Hoare, & Co.: Henry B. Bousfield, agent

Fire & life offices.

Atlas, Wm. Worth

County, John Osborn

Norwich Union, Edward Wherry

Protector, John Manby

Inns & taverns.

Anchor, Thomas Wilcox

Angel, Henry Bott

Bull, John, Thorp

Horse and Groom, Thomas Dickinson

King’s Head, Mary Shipley

Light Dragoon, Jph. Thorp

Marquis of Granby, J. B. Willoughby

Mason’s Arms, Wm. Smith

Nag’s Head, Wm. Topham

New Inn, James Walker

Red Lion, John Gatliffe

Royal Oak, Wm. Bannister

Six Bells, Robert Bull

Wind Mill, John Banks

List of Inhabitants—Arranged according to their Professions and Trades.


Bell Wm. D.

Worth William

Bankers &c.

Alderman Wm.

Bell Robert

Halford Edward

Munton Elizabeth (& miller)

Smith Thomas


Bannister Wm.

Boyer Christopher

Ellis Joseph

Sandle J.

Spreckley W,.

Tye Thomas


Binns Benjamin

Clark Charles

Hardwick John

Hardwick Wm. sen.

Hardwick Wm. jun.

Lenton John

Mawby Edward

Shipley Thomas

Thistleton George

Walker George


Bemrose William

Phillips Wm. Henry

Swift William


Bailey George

Chamberlain John, (& miller)

Dewey John

Holland Hugh

Howett Titus

Layton William

Osborn James

Osborn William

Thistleton William

Presgrave John

Wrigley Thomas


Thus * are Drapers also.

Barfield James

Curtis William

*Mawby John

Presgrave John

*Roberts John (and chandler)

*Wherry Edw. (and chandler

Hair dressers.

Carpenter Thomas

Gatliffe Robert


Osborn John

Walker John


Andrew & Smith, (& builder)

Dewey William, (& cabinet maker)

Evans William

Smith William

Walker John, (and builder)


Bell Robert

Munton Clifton, & Co.

Row James Lee


Fish Joseph

Handley Thomas

Plumbers, &c.

Gentle Joseph

Sutton Robert

Rope makers, &c.

Halford William

Pridmore John


Palmer John

Redshaw Thomas

Shippey Thomas


Gibbins James

Hart Thomas

Huffer Thomas

King Thomas

Lenton George

Smith Francis

Swift William

White Thomas


Kea Cassandra

Pennyston William

Wyles John

Stone masons.

Handley Thomas

Stokes Thomas

Straw hat makers.

Bray M. A.

Todd Jemima

White Mary


Beecham Robert

Bellingham Francis

Simpson William

Tailors, &c.

Bedford William

Phillips Humphrey

Phillips John

Todd John

Todd William

Walker Thomas

Tanners & fellmongers.

Bettinson George

Rowe James L.

Watmuff John

Watch, &c. mfrs.

Peatling John

Wilson John

Wilson Thomas

Wine & spirit merchants.

Clifton John

Shearman Richard, (spirits)


Jackson & Co.

Mawby John

Row J. L. (and fellmonger)


Royal Mail, from Hull to London, at 6 evening, returns 9 morning.

Express, from Hull to London, at 4 morning, returns ½ past 6 morning.


Ashby’s Waggons, to London, Tu. & Sat. returns Mon. & Fri. and proceed to Lincoln.

Landon’s Waggon, for London, once a week.

William Arnold, to Stainford, Mon. and Fri.; to Spalding, Tu.; to Corby, Wed.; and to Billingboro’, Sat.. Return same days.

William Tilley, to Stamford, Mon. & Fri.; to Spalding, Tu. Returns same days.

John Wyles, to Stamford, Mon. & Fri.; to Spalding, Tu. Returns samd days.

Campin Redmile, from Dyke, to the Mason’s Arms, every Saturday.

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