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 Celebration of the end of the Crimean War: 1856.

Names mentioned.

People.                                                       Places.

S. W. Andrews                                                          Bourne

Hy. Bott                                                                     Market Place

Jno. Bott                                                                    Town Hall

J. Bray                                                                        Well-head Field

Rev. Josh Dodsworth

Edward Eldret

B. Ferraby

Jos. Gentle

E. Hardwicke

Tho. Harrison

C. Hinson

Henry Johnson

Jas. Johnson

R. Mawby

R. M. Mills

H. Osborn

Thos. Osborn

Tho. Presgrave

R. J. Shilcock

C. Spreckley

Thos. Todd

W. Todd

Thos. White






            At an adjourned Meeting of the Inhabitants, held in the Town Hall, on the 19th day of May, 1856,

THE REV. JOSH. Dodsworth, the vicar, in The chair,

It was Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Meeting that the most acceptable mode of celebrating the Restoration of Peace. in Bourn, on Thursday the 29th of May inst., will be by a suspension of public business after 12 o’clock, --- by supplying Men with Dinner, and Women with Tea, in the Market Place, --- by a Public Procession from the Town Hall to the Well-head Field, --- by a Gratuitous Distribution of Bunns to the Children, --- by Rustic Sports, --- and Fireworks as a conclusion.

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to carry out the above objects, and the following Gentlemen having kindly volunteered to act, were duly elected, viz.

Rev. Josh Dodsworth

Mr. R. Mawby

Mr. B. Ferraby

Mr. Thos. Osborn

Mr. E. Hardwicke

Mr. Jos. Gentle

Mr. Hy. Bott

Mr. S. W. Andrews  

Mr. C. Spreckley

Mr. H. Osborn

Mr. Edward Eldret

Mr. Jno. Bott

Mr. Tho. Presgrave

Mr. Tho. Harrison

Mr. R. J. Shilcock

Mr. Jas. Johnson

Mr. R. M. Mills

Mr. Thos. White

Mr. Thos. Todd

Mr. W. Todd

Mr. C. Hinson

Mr. J. Bray

Thanks having been given to the Chairman, the Meeting separated.

Further subscriptions will be thankfully received by Messrs. Harrison and Presgrave, Treasurers ; or Mr. Jas. Johnson, Hony. Secty., Market-Place, Bourn.




The Children will assemble in the Market Place, and proceed to the Well-head Field, headed by the band, when Bunns will be distributed, and sports to follow.


The TEA to the Women will take place (each person bringing her own cup and saucer,) in a Booth in front of the Town Hall.


The DINNER to the Men will also take place (each person bringing his own knife, fork, plate, and jug to contain a quart of ale,) in the Booth in front of the Town Hall.


The FIREWORKS will commence in the Market Place, and it is expected they will afford amusement for one-hour-and-a-half, the Committee hope, at the conclusion, that all persons will disperse quietly to their homes.



TOWN-HALL, Bourn, May 19th, 1856.


Henry Johnson, PRINTER, BOOKSELLER, STATIONER, &., market-place, bourn.


This document was transcribed from a photocopy kindly given to me by Mrs. P. M. Edmunds, granddaughter of Robert Mason Mills, who is listed among the committee members. She gave the original document to Bourne Civic Society.

It relates to the ending of the war with the Russian Empire which is generally referred to in Britain as the Crimean War. There was fighting in the Baltic, on the Danube and in Anatolia, particularly around Kars but from a British and French point of view, most of the events took place on the northern shore of the Black Sea, in The Crimea. The writer, of Lincolnshire origin, Alfred Lord Tennyson published his famous poem, The Charge of the Light Brigade, in 1854. This was about an event at Balaclava, on the margin of the siege of Sevastopol.

At this date, the Town Hall was the modern one, built 1820-21. The market is now held behind the Town Hall but at this time, it was held in the Market Place, in front. The Wellhead Field was pasture-land owned by the Marquess of Exeter but like the Abbey Lawn, it gradually came to be a venue for events such as this. It was in the Wellhead Field that the Lincoln Architectural Society saw the excavated gatehouse of the castle. By the mid-twentieth century, this usage had become official, under the ownership of the Bourne United Charities. Part of the ground is now managed by the district council.

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