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 Notice of the proceedings at a public meeting, concerning Bourne markets and fairs: 1860.

Paper, printed on two sides, announcing the new market arrangements and the further change at shorter notice.

Names mentioned.

People.                                                Places.

S. W. Andrews                                                 Angel Hotel

Edward Baker                                                  Bourn

Robert Chapman                                             Bourn Fen

R. W. Chapman                                                Town-Hall

Henry Ansell                                                    Edenham

J. P. Baker                                                        Hacconby

J. L. Bell                                                            Manthorpe

Richard Bettinson                                            Morton

Dr. Blomfield                                                    Rippingale

H. Bott                                                               Thurlby

J. G. Bullock

John Burgess

Rev. J. Dodsworth

E. Hardwicke

Thomas Harrison

Edward Healy

General Johnson

Thomas Lawrance

R. M. Mills

G. J. Nicholls

H. Osborn

W. Parker

Captain Wilkinson Peacock

George Phillips

T. Presgrave

Charles Roberts

W. Wherry


[side 1]

Bourne Town-Hall, 10TH May 1860

At a public meeting held in the Town-Hall, adjourned form the Angel hotel, present W. Parker, Esq., (in the chair), General Johnson, Captain Peacock, Dr. Blomfield, Rev. J. Dodsworth, and d between 200 and 300 influential gentlemen, Agriculturalists and others.

Moved by Captain Peacock and seconded by G. J. Nicholls, Esq.

That a weekly Corn, Fat and Lean Stock, and General Market be established in this Town, on a Thursday, commencing on the 20th September next, subject to the approval of the Lord of the Manor, of such authorities as may have the control. --- Carried unanimously.

Moved by Mr. J. P. Baker and seconded by Mr. E. Hardwicke.

That a Committee be formed of the following Gentlemen, to carry out the views of this Meeting, and that the Committee do take an early opportunity of consulting the Magistrates as to the change of the Petty Sessions to the day named in the last Resolution, viz to the Thursday instead of the Saturday.

Thomas Lawrence, Esq., Hacconby; Mr. J. P. Baker, Morton; Mr. J. G. Bullock, Morton; Mr. Edward Healey, Rippingale; Mr. John Burgess, Edenham; Mr. Henry Ansell, Manthorpe; Mr. Richard Bettinson, Thurlby; Mr. George Phillips, Bourne Fen; Messrs. Charles Roberts, W. Wherry, R. M. Mills, H. Osborn, Thomas Harrison, G. H. Nicholls, H. Bott, T. Presgrave, Rev. J. Dodsworth, J. L. Bell, E. Hardwicke, and S. W. Andrews; five to form a quorum. --- Carried unanimously.

W. PARKER, Chairman.

The Chairman having vacated the Chair, and Captain Peacock being called to it, it was

Moved by General Johnson and seconded by Mr. Charles Roberts.

That the thanks of this Meeting be given to W. Parker, Esq,. for kindly undertaking and so ably discharging the duties of the Chair. – Carried by acclamation.


[side 2]

The Committee appointed at a Public Meeting, held in the Town-Hall, Bourne, on the 10th May, 1860, for the improvement of “Bourne Market,” beg to hand you a copy of the Resolutions which were adopted at the Meeting, and respectfully request the favour of your interest and support, to forward the object for which the Meeting was convened.

In consequence of the Harvest being much later this year, the Committee have thought it advisable to change the day as arranged at the last Public Meeting, from the 20th September to 4th October, on the latter day the Market will be held.

The Stock and General Market between the hours of 10 and 12 o’clock, the Corn Market between the hours of 12 and 2 o’clock, at which hour and ordinary will by provided at each of the Inns.

The Railway Trains will be found to be convenient for the arrival and departure of all parties attending the Market.

Bourn, 9th August, 1860.


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