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 A Bourne solicitor’s announcement: Sale of property in Eastgate and Bourne South Fen: 1854.

Names mentioned.

People.                                                       Places.

S. W. Andrews                                                          Angel Hotel

Thomas Ball                                                              Bourn

Charles Collins                                                          Church Street

Miss Louisa Green                                                   Collins’ Bridge Road

John Kettle                                                                Eastgate

W. E. Lawrence                                                         Long Road

M. D. Maile                                                                Spalding

John Mansfield                                                         South Fen

James Sewards                                                         West Street




Freehold & Copyhold Estate

to be

Sold by Auction


Mr. W. E. Lawrence,

At the Angel Hotel, in bourn, in the County of Lincoln,

On Saturday the 16th of September, 1854,

At six o’clock in the Evening, subject to such Conditions of Sale as will be then and there produced,

The Following very desirable freehold and copyhold



            LOT 1.        All that Piece or Parcel of ARABLE LAND, situate in the South Fen, in the Parish of Bourn aforesaid, containing by recent admeasurement 5 Acres, (more or less), bounded on the West by Collins’ Bridge Road, and now in the tenure of Mr. John Mansfield

                        The above lot (2A. 1R. 12P. of which are Copyhold of the Manor of Bourn Abbots with its Members) is situated close to the town of Bourn, and being also in the line of the projected Railway from Spalding, is highly desirable as an investment.

            LOT 2.        All that Piece or Parcel of Freehold ARABLE LAND, situate in the South Fen, in the Parish of Bourn aforesaid, containing 5A. 2R. 8P. (more or less), bounded on the South by the Long Road, and now in the tenure of Mr. John Kettle.

            LOT 3.        All those Two newly-erected MESSUAGES or Dwelling-Houses, with the Yards and Gardens adjoining the same, situate in Eastgate, in Bourne aforesaid, and bounded on the South by the public Road or Street, called Eastgate, now in the respective occupations of Mr. James Sewards and Miss Louisa Green.

                        The last-described lot is Copyhold of the said Manor of Bourn Abbots with its Members.

The Purchaser will be entitled to Possession or receipt of Rents from Old Lady-day next. The whole or any part of the Purchase-money may re3main on approved security.

For further particulars apply to Mr. CHARLES COLLINS, West-street, Bourn; or at may Office,



Bourn, 21st August, 1854.




Manuscript notes of the outcome of the auction are added, probably by R. M. Mills:

Lot 1. £380

Lot 2. £362 bought by M. D. Maile.

Lot 3. £220


Lot 1. is shown as several plots in the EEB and BAEM. They lay on the E side of the section of the modern Cherryholt Road which lies between the crossing of the Bourne Eau and Long Drove (grid reference TF106197). The railway, opened in 1866, did cross the southern end of the land, if the southernmost plot was part of the lot. The total area given by EEB for the five plots is 5A. 3R. 17P. Leaving the southernmost out, the area is 4A. 2R. 31P. so neither option is very close to the 1854 figure of 5A. 0R. 0P. As listed by the EEB, two of the five plots were copyhold of Bourne Abbots, a combined area of 2A. 1R. 12P., which does tally with the figure given in the particulars. The area occupied by the railway combined with that separated by it from the bulk of the land, would approximate to the difference between the EEB’s five plots and the auctioneer’s survey but the railways’ influence would have arisen after the sale. All the other information tallies with an amalgamation of South Fen plots 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 of the EEB. It lists the owners as Peter Greenberry and George Foster, the latter being in plot 11, the southernmost.

It is interesting to see the railway speculation in connection with this lot, as early as 1854. The Bourne to Essendine line was not opened till 1860 and the company’s shares were offered only in 1856. Neither of these events had directly to do with the 1866 line to Spalding.

Lot 2. The description and areas match an amalgamation of South Fen plots 59 and 60 (TF118194); formerly owned, respectively by William Halford and William Worth. The latter is likely to have been Charles Frederick Worth’s father, William.

Lot 3. is harder to place precisely, as the ‘newly erected’ buildings will not have been shown on the maps of 25 or so years earlier. There are several plots on the north side of Eastgate, both freehold and copyhold of Bourne Abbots.

Andrews’ business was a precursor of the partnership of Andrews, Stanton and Ringrose.

Church Street is now the short section of Abbey Road, which lies between the Market Place and the first bend; that is, between the Nag’s Head and Church Walk. It originated as part of the Peterborough to Lincoln road as diverted around the perimeter of the castle and lay between the two roads approaching the castle gate from north and east respectively.

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