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Summary of a Bourne legal document: Lease of a house in Eastgate: 1799.

Names mentioned:

People Places

William Baker Bourne

William Brittain Eagate

Matthew Dawkins Eastgate

Thomas Dawkins the several fens of Bourne

Major Hart

William Oliver

Widow Thiselton

William Thiselton

Rowland Torye

Edward Wherry

24 March 1799.

1st part: William Brittain of Bourne, farmer. Inherited property of William Baker, late of Bourne, farmer. He, in turn had inherited from Thomas Dawkins, of Bourne, farmer. He in turn, from Matthew Dawkins of Bourne, farmer.

2nd part: William Thiselton of Bourne, farmer and grazier.

For 5/-, Brittain leased for 1 year, to Thiselton, a messuage in Bourne Eagate or Eastgate. Long since, occupied by Rowland Torye, late of [blank] Thiselton Widow. Now occupied by Thiselton and William Oliver.

Brittain retained all land in the fens, which had been allotted under the Enclosure Act in lieu of common grazing pertaining to the property..

Signed Wm Brittain.

Witnessed: Maj[?o]r Hart. Edw[ar]d Wherry.


In this deal, we see the separation of the common grazing rights from the house to which they had belonged. Since this is a short lease, the separation was at this point, only temporary but the trend is clear.

This document and property appear to be mentioned in [Egdoc015].

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