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Summary of a Bourne legal document: Mortgage of an estate in Eastgate, Bourne for 100: 1830.

Names mentioned:

People Places

William Alderman Bourne

Charles Bonner or Bennet Eagate

William Brittain Eastgate

Marquis of Exeter Spalding

William F. Law

James Smith

Thomas ?Souster

George Thiselton

William Thiselton

Elizabeth Thorpe

4 May 1830

1st part William Thiselton of Bourne, farmer (and grazier inserted)

2nd part Elizabeth Thorpe of Spalding, widow.

Thorpe lends Thiselton 100 until November 1830

Messuage and cottages in Eagate or Eastgate, Bourne severally occupied by William Thiselton, Thomas ?Souster, James Smith and George Thiselton. Surrounded by a lane to the east, the street to the south, by William Alderman to the west and by the Marquis of Exeter to the north.

The property had been bought by Thiselton from William Brittain, farmer. 24 and 25 March 1799.



Cha[rles] Bonner

W[illia]m F. Law


This document appears to refer to the transaction done in [EGdoc012].

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