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 Summary of a Bourne legal document: Sale of the Marquis of Exeter’s Bedehouse Bank property, Eastgate: 1947.

Names mentioned.

People.                                                       Places.

Messrs. Andrews, Stanton and Ringrose.             The Angel Hotel, Bourne

Mr. Braithwaite.                                                       Bedehouse Bank, Bourne

Mr. W.L. Darnes.                                                      Bolton Street, London

Mr. F. Deacon.                                                          Carr Dyke

Marquess [sic] of Exeter.                                        Eastgate

Mrs. A. Graves.                                                        High Street, Stamford

Mrs. Hubbard.                                                          Market Place, Bourne

Mr. W.R. Laxton.                                                      Queen Street, Peterborough

Thomas R. Lyall                                                       Willoughby Road, Bourne

Mrs. K. Mitchelson.

G.H. Mutter.

Mr. L. Parker.

Mr. T.H. Parker.

Mr. J.W. Riley.

Mr. G. Rippon.

Messrs. Walfords

Mr. F.G. Windsor.

5 June, 1947.

13 lots of cottages and gardens in Willoughby Road and Bedehouse Bank, Bourne.

Sold by Thomas R. Lyall & Co. Ltd. at the Angel Hotel. On behalf of William Thomas Brownlow, Marquess of Exeter, KG.

Auctioneer’s offices: Market Place, Bourne. estate agent: G.H.Mutter.

51 High Street, Stamford & 43, Queen Street, Peterborough: Estate agent: Burghley Estate Office, St. Martins, Stamford.

Solicitors: Messrs. Walfords, 27, Bolton Street, London, W.1.

Local solicitors: Messrs. Andrews, Stanton & Ringrose, Bourne.

Lot 1: Dwelling house on 570 square yards.  7 Willoughby Road.  Occupied by F. Deacon.

Lot 2: Dwelling house on 2115 sq. yards. 2 Bedehouse Bank.  Occupied by T.H.Parker.

Lot 3: Dwelling house on 2115 square yards.  23 Bedehouse Bank. Occupied by L. Parker.

Lot 4: Dwelling house on 1175 sq. yards.  26 Bedehouse Bank. Occupied by G. Rippon.

Lot 5: 2 plots drying & garden ground. 455 yd². Occupied by Braithwaite & Mrs.Hubbard.

Lot 6: Garden ground of 498 square yards.  Occupied by L. Parker.

Lot 7: Accommodation yard of 394 square yards. Occupied by L. Parker.

Lot 8: Garden, orchard & disused cottage, 17 B. Bank.1088 yd². Occupied F.G.Windsor.

Lot 9: Garden ground of 379 square yards. Occupied by J.W. Riley.

Lot 10: Garden of 1143 Square yards. Occupied by W.R. Laxton.

Lot 11: Orchard & garden of 1104 square yards. Occupied by Mrs. K. Mitchelson.

Lot 12: Garden ground of 554 square yards. Occupied by W.L. Darnes.

Lot 13:  Garden & orchard of 3287 square yards. Occupied by Mrs. A Graves.


The accompanying plan shows Queen’s Bridge, Eastgate, Bedehouse Bank, Willoughby Road, Carr [sic] Dyke & Bourne Eau.

Printed by W.K.Morton & Sons, Bourne.


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