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Trades In and Around Bourne

from White’s Directory 1882, Lincolnshire.

The following is extracted from two places in the Lincolnshire volume: 1. the list of Bourne residents and their trades or social positions, beginning on page 194: 2. the list of Lincolnshire Professions and Trades (Classified), beginning on page 830.

The latter includes tradespeople from all over Lincolnshire, from which list those addressed through Bourne Post Office were selected. It includes the entries for those people, firms and agents in the parish of Bourne, though a few had home addresses elsewhere. Though street numbers had been invented for use in Paris and elsewhere, apart from one or two very limited examples, they were not yet in use here.  It is now therefore, hard to place some addresses exactly.  In general, an address in so and so terrace will not usually refer to a separate street but to a row of houses in an otherwise named street, though that name by no means necessarily appears in the address.

In 1882, the spelling of Bourne with a final e had not been standardised and, although that spelling appears in the directory, in this listing, the e was consistently omitted.

Thanks are due to the late Mrs P. Edmunds for the loan of her copy of the Directory from which the extracts were taken.

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The alphabetical list of residents.

The classified list of trades and professions.

The locations of some of the places mentioned may be found in Bourne Places.

Directory of Bourne Residents. (pp. 194 to 197).

Aldgate Mr. Stephen, Elm Terrace

Allen James, Foreman, Elcho place

Allen John, gardener, florist and seedsman, Back lane

Andrew Edward, carpenter and wheelwright, Star lane

Andrews Joseph, farmer and grazier, Austerby

Andrews Stephen Wilson, solicitor, commissioner in all courts, clerk to county magistrates for Bourn division, clerk to Bourn charity trustees and Water Company, and agent for the Midland Counties Fire, Life & Hail office, North street

Arnold Henry, fishmonger and greengrocer, Eastgate

Arnold Joseph, boot and shoe maker, Market place

Arnold Mrs Matilda Sophia, milliner, Market place

Arnold Robert, seedsman, Star lane

Ash Richard, farmer, Dyke

Ash William, farmer and lime burner, Dyke

Ashworth Dr. James Henry, M.R.C.P. North street

Ayre Benjamin Thompson, vict. Light Dragoon, Church st

Baines John, tailor, West street

Ball Thomas, printer and rgstr. of birth & deaths, Church st

Banks Mrs Sarah, Elcho place

Banks William, victualler, Six Bells, North street

Banton Mr Edward, New Street

Barber Mrs Susannah, South street

Barker Frank, North fen

Barker John, surveyor, West street

Barker William, farmer, North fen

Barnes Thompson, baker and confectioner, North street

Barratt Henry, basket mkr. hardwr. & fancy dlr. Church st

Barsby William, bootmaker, West street

Baxter Thomas Moore (Mills & B.), Beaufort hs. West st

Bell John Leonard, solicitor, commissioner in all courts, clerk to Bourn Board of Guardians, superintendent registrar, registrar and high bailiff to Bourn County Court, clerk to Rural Sanitary Authorities, Assessment Committee, School Attendance Committee, Bourn North, South and Dyke Fens, Drainage Trustees, Bourn Burial Board, Bourn Turnpike Trust, and Bourn, Corby, Little Bytham United District, Billingborough and Thurlby School Boards, secretary to Gas & Coke Co. steward of the manor of Bourne Abbots, and agent for the County Fire and Provident Life offices, West Street

Belton Frederick Edward, bootmaker, Dyke

Belton Miss Harriet, 4 Albion terrace

Benton William, West street

Berry Edward, builder, contractor & cabinet mkr. Star ln

Bertolle Richard, photographer, Eastgate

Bettinson John, farmer, North fen

Bishop William, coach trimmer, West street

Bland Mrs Ann, The terrace

Blaxter Miss Emma, mistress, infant Board School, Star ln

Bliss Robert James, victualler, Crown Hotel; and wine and spirit merchant, West street

Bloodworth Miss Julia (Kay & B.), Elm terrace

Bloodworth William, baker and corn dealer, Austerby

Bolton Samuel, beerhouse, farmer, and grazier, Eastgate

Bott Henry, victualler, Angel (and posting house), wine and spirit merchant, brewer, maltster, and farmer and grazier, Market place

Bourn Self Aiding Medical Club, North street; Leslie F. Evans, secretary

Bourn Water Works Co. (lim.) North st. S.W.Andrew, clrk

Boyer Mrs Mary, Church street

Bradford Isaac, tailor, Exeter street

Bradley Zepheniah, tailor, North street

Bradley John, foreman, Eastgate

Bradley William, manager, West street

Branston George, grocer, draper & boot factor, Eastgate

Bray Mrs Ann, grocer, victualler, Golden Lion, butcher, coal dealer, and farmer and grazier

Bray William, assistant overseer & tax collector, West st

Brinkley Mrs Elizabeth, South street

Brinkley William, cart owner, South street

Brown Mr Thomas, The Terrace

Brown Mr Wm. Nevel Johnson, Rose villa, Eastgate

Browne Willerton, superintendent of police and inspector of weights and measures, North street

Browning Miss Angelina, milliner, dressmaker and dyer’s agent, Star lane

Brudenell George, farmer and surveyor of South Fen drainage, South Fen

Buckle Samuel (Jones & B.), West street

Bullimore Joseph, carpenter and victualler, Crown, Dyke

Burbank Mrs Mary, milliner & fancy repository, Church st

Burchnall John, farmer and grazier, Cawthorpe

Burdwood James Watson, M.D. physician and surgeon, public vaccinator, medical officer of health, medical officer of Bourn Workhouse, and Bourn district of the union, and surgeon to Great Northern and Bourn Railway Cos. South lodge

Burrows George, farmer and grazier, Dyke

Bywater William, mason and builder, Eastgate

Canham Rev. Henry Robert, B.A. head master grammar school, and curate of Dowsby, North house

Carlton Thomas, draper and milliner, West street

Carter Mrs Harriet, baby linen & fancy repository, South st

Chamberlain Edward, coal merchant and corn miller, Steam Mills; h Eastgate house

Chappell Henry (Topham & C.), West street

Chesterton Mrs Mary, shopkeeper

Clark Robert, manager

Clarke Mrs Mary, shopkeeper, West street

Clarke Thomas, corn and flour dealer, Eastgate

Coales Edward, grocer, Church street

Coales Geo. Corn factor, coal dlr. & gig letter, Church st

Coales George Samuel, butcher, Church street

Cook John & George, farmers, North Fen

Cooke Mrs Frances, West cottage, West street

Coulson Saml. Town crier, game & fruit dealer, Eastgate

Crofts Israel, mason and builder, West road

Cross Mr Thomas, Willow cottage, Back lane

Darnes James Woods, grocer and baker, Eastgate

Darnes Mr Richard, Eastgate

Dawson John, farmer and grazier, West street

Derry John, board schoolmaster, Star lane

Downes James, boot factor and fancy dealer, North street

Draycott Henry, victualler, Old Windmill, North street

Eldred Charles, farmer, brick and tile maker, and builder and contractor, North road

Eldred Robert, manager, Elm terrace

Eldret Edward, farmer, South street

Eldret John, farmer and grazier, Guttram

Eldret Mr Joseph, Star lane

Elfleet Wm. farmer & grazier, Eastfield hs. Spalding road

Ellicock Joseph, watchmaker and jeweller, West street

Ellis & Everard, coal, lime, cake and manure merts, Station yard; W. Loveday, agent

Elsey Robert, farm bailiff, Dyke

Elvidge George Henry, solicitor’s clerk and deputy county court bailiff, West street

Evans John, naturalist, West street

Evans Leslie Forbes, bank clerk and agent for the Phoenix Fire, Norwich and London Accident and County Hail-storm Offices, North street

Evans Richard, carpenter and builder, West street

Fairchild Henry, butcher, Eastgate

Falkner Henry, farmer and grazier, Eastgate

Falkner Richard, farmer and market gardener, Eastgate

Falkner Wm farmer and grazier, & markt gardnr. Eastgate

Farrow Mr John, Fern villa

Featherstone Chas. S. butcher, farmer & cattle dlr. Market pl

Featherstone Richard, head gardener, West street

Ferraby Mr William, South cottage, Austerby

Finlay William, bank manager, and agent to the Provident Lice and County Fire Office, Market place

Ford William, cowkeeper, Eastgate

Fittis John, plumber and glazier, Eastgate

Freeman John, farmer and grazier, Dyke

Frost George, inland revenue officer, Back lane

Frost Mrs Maria, West street

Gas Works, Eastgate

Gamer William Redmile, grocer, Dyke

George William, toll collector, North road

Gibbins Edwin, shopkeeper, West street

Gibson John, corn merchant and maltster, West street

Gibson Richard, corn merchant(John Gibson), North road

Gibson William, corn merchant (John Gibson), West st

Gilbert Miss Eliza, day and boarding school, The Terrace

Gilbert Benoni, gardener and florist, Dyke Fen

Gilson Thomas, farmer, North terrace

Glencross Fredk. John, M.R.C.S., L.S.A. surgeon, South st

Glendenning Thomas Montague, stationmaster

Glover Charles, farmer and grazier, Austerby house

Goodyear, Mrs Elizabeth, The Cottage, Cawthorpe

Goodyear Henry, farmer and grazier, Cawthorpe

Green Frederick James, family grocer, wine, spirit, and ale and porter merchant, North street

Grimes Mrs Catherine, farmer, West street

Grummitt George, haggler, The Green, Eastgate

Grummitt George William, farmer, Eastgate

Grummitt John, carpenter and builder, Union Street

Grummitt John, farmer and grazier, North Fen

Grummitt William, farmer, North Fen

Hadfield Mrs Mary, schoolmistress, Eastgate

Hall William, cabinet maker, South street

Hamilton Rev. Joseph (Congregational)

Hardwick Thos. Farmer & cattle dlr. North villa, North rd

Hardy Mrs Sarah, farmer and grazier, North Fen

Hardman Mr Henry, Elm terrace

Harrison John, plumber, glazier, painter, and paper hngr. & agt. To Guardian Plate Glass Insce. Co. (lim) North st

Harrison Seth, brewer’s manager Elm terrace

Harrison Thomas, tailor, linen and woollen draper and silk mercer, Market place

Harrison Wm. plmbr. Glazier, paper hngr. & paintr. North st

Hill Edward, coal agent, West street

Hinson Thomas, baker, Eastgate

Hitson Henry, secondhand clothes dealer, Eastgate

Hobson Hugh, solicitor’s managing clerk, and registrar of marriages, The Terrace

Hodgkin Henry, farmer and grazier, North Fen

Hodgkin William Hardwicke, relieving officer of Aslackby and Corby districts of Bourn union, North road

Hodson Morris, farmer and grazier, North Fen

Holmes John, M.R.C.V.S. veterinary surgeon, veterinary inspector of Bourne district, Austerby

Homer Edward, victualler, Red Lion, South street

Houghton Thos. Stationmaster, Twenty, North Fen

Howitt Robt. Tailor & outfitter, North st.; h 2 Albion ter

Hurn Job, hairdresser and dyer’s agent, North street

Ingram David C. watchmaker and jeweller, North street

* Jackson Thomas, beerhouse and farmer, Tongue end

Johnson Misses Elizabeth, Ann and Ada, dressmakers

Jones Mrs Ann, 3 Albion terrace

Jones & Buckle, wholesale and retail furnishing & general ironmongers, agricultural implement manufrs. Agents & engineers and dealers in sewing, washing and wringing machines and manure merts. Market pl. and Spalding

Jones John (J. & Buckle), Market place

Kelham Henry, tailor, North street

Kettle John, carrier, Eastgate

Kettle Thomas, cottager, Eastgate

Knott Thomas, farmer and coal dealer, Eastgate

Laud Richard, foreman to Mr E. Dawson, North Fen

Lawrence Henry, auctioneer, valuer and land agent, South street; h The Terrace

Layton Miss Charlotte, day and boarding school, West st

Leakey Charles and Mrs Eliza, master and mistress, Board school, North Fen

Lewis Chas. Hutchins, organist & teacher of music, North rd

Lincoln Mrs Sarah Ann, dressmaker, New street

Lister Henry, clerk, Exeter street

Loveday John Johnson, agent to Ellis & Everard

Makins William, cottager, Dyke Fen

Mansfield Edward, farmer, Eastgate

Mansfield Rev, Hugh M’Neill, M.A. vicar, The Vicarage

Mansfield John, bitcher, Eastgate

Mansfield William, butcher, Church street

Marsden William, engine driver, South street

Mason Miss Alice, New street

Mason William, farmer, North Fen

Mason Henry, farmer, North Fen

Maxey Thompson Henry, butcher

Maxons Jas. Rope & twine mfr. & hardware dlr. West st

Mays George, butcher and grazier, Eastgate

Mays Thomas (Wm. & Thos.); h Eastgate

Mays Wm. & Thos. Fellmongers & wool merts. Eastgate

Mays William (Wm. & Thos.); h Eastgate

Measures Bros. grocers, drapers, tailors, clothiers and outfitters, Market place and West street

Measures James (Bros.) Market place

Measures Thomas (Bros.) Star lane

Medwell Charles, farmer, Eastgate

Mee Wm. Norman, accountant and agent for the Accident Office, & collector of Gas & Water Cos. South street

Michelson George, cowkeeper, Eastgate

Michelson George, jun. cowkeeper, South Fen

Mills & Baxter, chemists & druggists, Market place

Mills R. M. * Co. artesian aerated water mfrs. Market pl

Mawby Thos. Turnell, bank manager, and agent to the Pelican Life Assurance Co. The Cedars, South street

Mills Robert Mason (M. & Co. & M. & Baxter), Market pl

Mitchelson Richard, farmer, North Fen

Morris Mrs Jane, bootfactor, West street

Morris John Thos. Printer, bookseller, stationer, newsagent, dealer in pianofortes, sewing machines, paper-hangings, and patent medicines, West street

Morris Richard, farmer, North Fen

Neal Henry Johnson, watchmaker, 6 Albion terrace

Neal James Burghley, refreshment rooms, South street

Nichols William, bootmaker, West street

Nichols John Wm. hard & smallware dealer, West st

Nixon Samuel, vict. Anchor Inn, Eastgate

Nixon Samuel, vict. Greyhound, North Fen

Norman Joseph, mason and builder, Star lane

North William Alfred, bootmaker, North street

Nowell William, blacksmith, Star lane

Ormond Daniel, baker, West street

Osborn Miss Elizabeth, 7 Albion terrace

Osborn Henry, farmer and grazier, Austerby

Osgathorpe Charles, chimney sweeper, Eastgate

Palmer Mrs Ann, vict. New Inn, Eastgate

Palmer Bingham, vict. Marquis of Granby, Star lane

Palmer Hy. mineral water manufacturer, Star lane

Palmer Mrs Sarah, vict. Masons’ arms & btchr. South st

Palmer William, saddler, South Street

Parish John Thomas,shoemaker, West street

Parker Major Wm. jun. J>P>, D.L., major, Royal South Lincolnshire Militia, Cawthorpe

Parker Wm. Starkey, beerhouse, Eastgate

Parmiter John, joiner, cabinet mkr. & undertkr. North st

Pattinson Miss Hannah, dressmaker, North street

Peach Francis Thompson, baker & confectioner, North st

Peacock John, cemetery lodge keeper, Thurlby road

Peacock, Wilson & Co. bankers, North st, & Newark & Sleaford. Draw on Barnetts, Hoares & Co.; Thomas Turnell Mawby, manager

Pearce John Thomas, printer, bookseller, stationer, book-binder, dlr. In paper hangings & patent medicines, & postmstr. & agt. To the Royal Fire & Life Insce. Co. Market pl

Pearce Thos. Watchmaker, jeweller, glass & china dealer, & dyer’s agent, North street; h North road

Pearce Mr. William, West street

Pell Miss Sarah Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Eastgate

Phillips Mrs Elizabeth, grazier, Eastgate

Phillips Mrs Elizabeth, cottager, Austerby

Phillips Humphrey, farmer, Eastgate

Pick Arnold, blacksmith, Star lane

Pick David, baker & corn chandler, North street

Plowright James William, umbrella maker, Eastgate

Porter Norman Edward, farmer, Star lane

Post, Money Order, Telegraph Office, & Savings’ Bank, John Thomas Pearce, postmaster, Market place

Presgrove Thomas, agent for the British & Foreign Bible Society, West street

Preston James, engineer and land measurer

Pridmore Thomas, saddler, Star lane

Public Hall & Corn Exchange, Church st. Geo. Hanger, hl. kpr.

Ravell Mrs Mary, beerhouse, North street

Ray & Bloodworth, dressmakers, Elm Terrace

Ray Mrs Lena (R. & Bloodworth), Elm terrace

Rayner John, coach builder, West street

Redhead Geo. Hy. Miller’s foreman, South street

Redmile Henry, farmer & grazier, Dyke

Redshaw John, florist, seedsman, leather merchant, toy dealer, berlin wool, and fancy repository, North street

Redshaw Wm. Hy. Photographer, tobacconist, rustic garden furniture mfr, & bird fancier, North street

Reeves Joseph, bookkeeper, 9 New street

Reid Rev. Geo. Wesleyan, North road

Richardson William Chas. Tinner and brazier, West st

Roberts Chas. Corn, coal and oil cake merchant, Station yard; h Peterborough

Roberts John Bellairs, chemist and druggist, North st

Robinson Henry, grocer and provision dealer, North st

Robinson John Trolove Byron, draper’s manager, Elcho pl

Rodgers Hy. Grocer and draper, Market place

Roslin William Breton, farmer, North Fen

Sands Richd. Farmer and butcher, Dyke; h Aslackby

Sarll George, cooper and sieve maker, South street

Savage Henry, cabinet maker, North street

Scales Mrs Martha, North road

Scotney John, bricklayer, Cuckoo bush

Searson Mrs Emma, shopkeeper, Eastgate

Searson Mrs Jane, drill owner, South Fen

Seaton Thomas, farmer, Dyke Fen

Sewell Thos. Edwd. Montl. Mason and agent to Prudential Assurance Co. 1 Albion terrace

Sewell William, boys’ day school, 1 Albion terrace

Sharpe Simeon, hairdresser, Church street

Sherwin Geo. Vict. Horse & Groom, West street

Sherwin Luke, harness dealer, West street

Shilcock Fred Geo auctioneer, valuer, architect, estate agt. & surveyor, & agt. To the Life Asscn. of Scotland, and the Ocean, Railway & General Association & Guarantee Cos. (Limited), West street; h North street

Shilcock John Baxter (R. J. & Son); h New street

Shilcock Robert James, R> J. & Son); h North street

Shilcock R. J. & Son, brewers, maltsters, corn millers, wine, spirit, corn cake & hop merchants, North street

Shipley James, blacksmith, West street

Shipley William, blacksmith, Eastgate

Skillington William, bootmaker, Eastgate

Skin Tom, coach builder, West street

Small Charles Henry, bank clerk, North road

Smith Edwd. J. carpenter & cabinet maker, West st

Smith James Underwood, tailor, 11 New street

Smith John, grocer, wine & provision merchant, North st

Summerfield John T. corn miller and baker, Dyke

Sones John Benjamin, tailor’s manager, Elm terrace

Spreckley & Son, blacksmith & bellhangers, North st

Spreckley Mrs Frances (S. & Son), North street

Spreckley William (S. & Son), North street

Stamford, Boston & Spalding Banking Co. (lim.), Market pl.; Wm. Finlay, manager, draw on Barclay & Co

Stanton James, shopkeeper and gardener, Eastgate

Steel William, Farmer, Eastgate

Stevenson Richard, butcher, Eastgate

Storey William, cabinet maker, builder, contractor, glass & china dealer & boot factor, North street

Story Geo. (W. Story & Son), Exeter ter. North street

Story John Thomas (W. & Son); h Swinstead

Story Mr. Joseph, North road

Story Jph. Ironmonger & tinplate worker, North street

Story William (W. & Son); h Swinstead

Story W. & Son, builders, contractors, brick & tile mfrs. & dlrs. In building materials, North st. & farmers. Swinstead

Stubley Mrs Mary, beerhouse, Austerby

Swift John, grocer’s assistant, Exeter ter. North st

Tancourt Edwin, solicitor’s clerk, North street

Taylor James, dining rooms, pntr. & paperhanger. N[ort]h st

Teat Thomas, saddler, North street

Temperance Café, North st,; Miss A. L. Nowell, mangr.

Thornton Mrs Maria, vict. Nags Head, Market place

Thorpe Samuel Holland, grocer’s manager, Eastgate

Thorpe William Blankley, maltster, West street; h Nottingham; William Bradley, manager

Thornton Jno. (Exors. Of) vict. Nags Head, Church st

Tidswell Miss Susan Elizth. Day & boarding schl. West st

Thistleton Thomas O. farmer, North Fen

Tipster William, carrier, Eastgate

Todd Thomas, foreman, Church street

Todd Wm. Dales, tailor, woollen draper and agent for the Scottish Widows’ Fund & Life Assurance & Manchester Fire Offices, Market place

Topham & Chappell, carpenters & builders, Star lane

Topham John (T. & Chappell), Star lane

Town Hall, Market place; Richard Evans, hall keeper

Vinter Frederick, sanitary inspector, Church street

Wade William, carpenter, South Fen

Wade John, farmer, South Fen

Walpole Joseph, farmer, Dyke

Walpole Joseph & Wm. thrashing machine owners, Dyke

Ward Miss, board schoolmistress, Star lane

Ward Wm. Wallis, house agent, Vine cottage, North rd

Warren Jph. acntant. Land surveyor & comsn. agt. North st

Warwick Arthur, corn merchant, Brookland villa

Waters Chs. Second-hand clothes dlr. & shopkpr. 13 New st

Watson Thos. vict. Royal Oak & butcher, North street

Weldon William, bill poster, North street

Wherry Edward (E. & Sons), West street

Wherry E. & Sons, grocers, drapers, corn & seed merchants, and tallow chandlers, North street, and Eastgate

Wherry William (E. & Sons), North street

Wherry William Robert, E. & Son), West street

Wilcox Samuel, cottager, Dyke

Wilcox John, carpenter, Dyke

Wilcox Thomas, carpenter

Williamson Joseph B. butcher, farmer & grazier, North st

Williamson Thomas, baker, South street

Williamson William, fishmonger, North street

Winn Mrs Ann, The Terrace

Woolley Mrs Catherine, 5 Albion terrace

Woolley Miss Letitia, The Terrace

Woolley Joseph, blacksmith and wheelwright, North st

Worsdale Edward, farmer, North Fen

Worsdale Matthew, farmer, North Fen

Worsdall Mrs Elizabeth, farmer, Spalding road

Worsdall John, farmer, Spalding road

Wortley John Storry, bank clerk, North road

Wyles Mrs Ann, gardener, West street

Wyles George, tailor and draper, Eastgate

Wyles Mr. William, Elm terrace

Yates Alfred & Mrs Elizth. mstr. & mtrn. Workhs. West st

Younger John Joseph, vict. Bull Inn, Market place

Railway.—Station on the Stamford, & Lynn, & Bourne, & Sleaford branches of the G. N.  R.; Mr. Thomas Montague Glendening, is station master


The Bourne Entries from the Classified List of Lincolnshire Professions and Trades. (pp. 830 to 1065).

See the relevant category heading for the meanings of the asterisks.

Accountants, Auditors, &c.

Mee William N. South street, Bourn

Warren Joseph, North street, Bourn

Agents (Commission, &c.)

Mee William N. South street, Bourn

Sandall Robert, Rippingale, Bourn

Warren Joseph, North street, Bourn

Agricultural Implement Makers

Jones & Buckle, Market place, Bourn and Spalding

Ale and Porter Merchants and Agents

Green Fredk. J. North st. Bourn

Architects and Surveyors

Shilcock Frederick G. West st. Bourn

Auctioneers and Valuers

Lawrence Henry, South st. Bourn

Shilcock Frederick G. West st. Bourn

Baby Linen, Ladies’ Underclothing, &c. Dealers (Marked * are also Fancy Dealers.)

* Carter Mrs H. South street, Bourn

Bakers (Marked * are  Confectioners     and = Flour Dealers)

Atter Mrs Elizabeth, Toft, Bourn

Bacon Bros. Rippingale, Bourn

* Barnes Thompson, North st. Bourn

Barsby Thomas, West street, Bourn

Bloodworth William, Austerby, Bourn

Darnes James W. Eastgate, Bourn

Eayrs Samuel, Morton, Bourn

Halford Henry, Rippingale, Bourn

Harrison Mrs Jane, Swinstead, Bourn

Harwood Thomas, Morton, Bourn

Hinson Thomas W. Eastgate, Bourn

Merriman Joel, Hacconby, Bourn

Middleton Thomas, Dunsby, Bourn

Ormond Daniel, West street, Bourn

Peach Francis T. North st. Bourn

Peasgood Robert, Thurlby, Bourn

Pick David, North street, Bourn

Porter John, Swinstead, Bourn

Rowe William, Edenham, Bourn

Smeaton David S. Manthorpe, Bourn

Sommerfield John T. Dyke, Bourn

* Williamson Thos. South st. Bourn


Peacock, Wilson & Co. (draw on Barnetts, Hoares & Co,) 2 Northgate, Sleaford (H. Ingoldby, manager), and Bourn and Newark

Stamford, Spalding & Boston Banking Co. (lim.) (draw on Barclay, Bevan & Co.) Bridge st. Stamford (Alfred C. Thompson, mgr); Alford, Market place, Boston, Bourn, Burgh-le-Marsh, Grantham, Holbeach, Sleaford, Spalding, Spilsby

Basket Makers

Barratt Henry, Church street, Bourn

Beer Retailers

Bolton Samuel, Eastgate, Bourn

Jackson Thomas, Tongue end, Bourn

Parker William S. Eastgate, Bourn

Ravell Mrs Mary, North St. Bourn

Stevenson Henry, Thurlby, Bourn

Stubley Mrs M. Austerby, Bourn

Wakefield Edward, Hacconby, Bourn


Spreckley & Son, North st. Bourn

Berlin Wool and Fancy Repositories.

Redshaw John, North street, Bourn

Bill Posters

Weldon William, North street, Bourn

Bird & Animal Preservers, &c.

Evans John, West street Bourn

Black and Shoeing Smiths

Baker Daniel, Morton, Bourn

Baxter Alonzo, Rippingale, Bourn

Baxter Benjamin, Irnham, Bourn

Bradford William, Morton, Bourn

Carr Robert W. Witham, Bourn

Hewitt William, Edenham, Bourn

Jackson William, Thurlby, Bourn

Mossam Henry, Thurlby, Bourn

Nowell Thomas, Star lane, Bourn

Pick Arnold, Star lane, Bourn

Richards Juno. jun. Rippingale, Bourn

Sensicle Henry, Hacconby, Bourn

Shipley John, West street, Bourn

Shipley William, Eastgate, Bourn

Smith Reason, Swinstead, Bourn

Spreckley & Son, North street, Bourne

Woolley Joseph, North street, Bourn

Wright John, Hacconby, Bourn

Wright John, Dunsby, Bourn


Groome John, Thurlby, Bourn

Pearce John T. Market place, Bourn

Booksellers & Stationers

Morris John T. West st. Bourn

Pearce John T. Market place, Bourn

Presgrave Thomas, West st. Bourn

Boot & Shoe Factors & Dlrs.

Branston John, Eastgate, Bourn

Downes James, North street, Bourn

Farrow William, Rippingale, Bourn

Morris Mrs Jane, West street, Bourn

Peasgood Robert, Thurlby, Bourn

Story William, North st. Bourn

Swift Mrs Caroline, Morton, Bourn

Boot & Shoe Makers

Arnold Joseph, Market place, Bourn

Belton Fredk. E. Dyke, Bourn

Benten William, West street, Bourn

Coy John, Swinestead [sic], Bourn

Dale Dick, Rippingale, Bourn

Fardell Henry, Edenham, Bourn

Hewson William, Morton, Bourn

Holmes Joseph, Morton, Bourn

Laxton John, Rippingale, Bourn

Mitchelson Wm. Morton, Bourn

Nichols William, West street, Bourn

North William, Hacconby, Bourn

North Wm. A. North street, Bourn

Parish John T. West street, Bourn

Pask Edward, Hanthorpe, Morton, Bourn

Pridmore William, Morton, Bourn

Ringham Mrs Sarah, Northorpe, Thurlby, Bourn

Roughton George, Thurlby, Bourn

Skillington Wm. Eastgate, Bourn

Skillington Wm. Spalding rd. Bourn

Smith Robert, Toft, Bourn

Smith Wm. Hanthorpe, Morton, Bourn

Whitney Joseph, Rippingale, Bourn

Brewers (Marked * are also Maltsters.)

Bliss Robert J. West street, Bourn

* Bott Henry, Market place, Bourn

Hodson George, Grimsthorpe, Bourn

* Shilcock R. J. & Son, North st. Bourn

Bricklayers Marked * are also Builders

Barnett Thomas, Irnham, Bourn

Longland William, Thurlby, Bourn

Newton Matthew, Kirkby Underwood, Bourn

Rawlinson John, Hacconby, Bourn

Scotney John, North road, Bourn

Brick & Tile Manufacturers

(Marked * are Drain Pipe Mfrs.)

Eldred Charles, North road, Bourne

*Eldred Charles, Thurlby, Bourn

*Kingston Henry, Morton, Bourn

Pilkington Thomas, Kates Bridge, Thurlby, Bourn

*Story Wm. & Son, Swinstead, Bourn; North street, Bourn; and Irnham (See Advertisement)

Builders and Contractors

Berry Edward, Star lane, Bourn

Eldred Charles, North road, Bourn

Hinson Thomas, West street, Bourn

Storey William, North st. Bourn

Storey W. & Son, North street, Bourn; Swinstead, & Irnham (See Advert.)

Building Materials Dlrs.

Storey W. & Son, North street, Bourn; Swinstead, & Irnham (See Advert.)


Body James, Hacconby, Bourn

Bray Mrs Ann, West street, Bourn

Christian Mrs M. Morton, Bourn

Clarke William, Morton, Bourne

Coales George S. Church street, Bourn

Cocks Peter, Hawthorpe, Bourn

Fairchild Henry, Eastgate, Bourn

Featherstone Chas. S. Market pl. Bourn

Garwood John, Thurlby, Bourn

Hind Robert, Rippingale, Bourn

Howitt Thomas, Toft, Bourn

Mansfield John, Eastgate, Bourn

Mansfield William, Church st. Bourn

Maxey Thompson H. West st. Bourn

Mays George, Eastgate, Bourn

Pacey Daniel, Rippondale [sic], Bourn

Palmer Mrs. Sarah, South st. Bourn

Richards Wm. Rippingale, Bourn Rodgers Edward, Morton, Bourn

Rodgers Edward, Morton, Bourn

Rodgers George, Morton, Bourn

Sandall Robert, Thurlby, Bourn

Sands Richard, Dyke, Bourn

Sensicle Hy. Dunsby, Bourn

Smeaton David J. Manthorpe, Bourn

Smith Edward, Morton, Bourn

Stevenson Henry, Thurlby, Bourn

Stevenson Richard, Eastgate, Bourn

Williamson Joseph B. North st. Bourn

Cab, Carriage, &c. Proprs.

Coales George, Church street, Bourn

Cabinet Makers

Berry Edward, Star lane, Bourn

Hall William, South street, Bourn

Parmiter John, North street, Bourn

Savage Henry, North street, Bourn

Smith Edward J. West street, Bourn

Story William, North street, Bourn

Cart Owners

Barrow Richard, Thurlby, Bourn

Brinkley William, South st. Bourn

Cattle Dealers

Featherstone Chas. S. Market pl. Bourn

Franks Henry, Rippingale, Bourn

Hardwick Thomas, North rd. Bourn

Holmes James, Manthorpe, Bourn

Richards John, Rippingale, Bourn

Smith Isaac, Northorpe, Thurlby, Bourn

Cement Dealers

Longland William, Thurlby, Bourn

Chemists and Druggists

Mills & Baxter, Market place, Bourn

Roberts John B. North street, Bourn

Steel Richard, Morton, Bourn

Chimney Sweeps

Osgathorpe Charles, Eastgate, Bourn

Clothes Brokers

Hitson Henry, Eastgate, Bourn

Waters Chas. 13 New street, Bourn


Bourn Self Aiding Medical, North st. Bourn; Leslie F. Evans, secretary

Coach & Carriage Builders

Rayner John, West street, Bourn

Skinn Tom, West street, Bourn

Coal & Colliery Agents

Hill Edward, West street, Bourn

Holiday Isaiah, Northorpe, Thurlby, Bourn

Loveday John J. Austerby, Bourn

Coal Dealers

Bray Mrs Ann, West street, Bourn

Coales George, Church street, Bourn

Knott Thomas, Eastgate, Bourn

Coal and Coke Merchants

Bacon William, Rippingale, Bourn

Chamberlain Edwd. Eastgate, Bourn

Hall Wm. Railway statn. Morton, Bourn

Roberts Charles, Station yard, South street, Bourn & Peterborough

Tyler William, Thurlby, Bourn

Wilson Albert, Rippingale, Bourn

Wilson Edwin, Kirkby Underwood, and Rippingale, Bourn

Cocoa and Coffee Houses

Bourn Temperance Café Co. North st. Bourn; Miss A. L. Nowell, mgr.


Peach Francis T. North street, Bourn

Warren Joseph, North street, Bourn


Sarll George, South street, Bourn

Corn Dealers & Chandlers (Marked * are also Flour Dealers.)

Bloodworth William, Austerby, Bourn

* Clark Thomas, Eastgate, Bourn

Pick David, North street, Bourn

Corn Merchants & Factors

Coales George, Church street, Bourn

Dalton William, Morton, Bourn

Gibson John, West street, Bourn

Gibson William, Church street, Bourn

Shilcock R. J. & Son, North st. Bourn

Sneath Thomas A. Thurlby, Bourn

Warwick Arthur, North road, Bourn

Wherry E. & Sons, North street and Eastgate, Bourn

Corn Millers

Bradford John H. Northorpe, Thurlby, Bourn

Chamberlain Edwd. Eastgate, Bourn

Cook William, Swinstead, Bourn

Shilcock R.J. & Son, North st. Bourn

Sommerfield John T. Dyke. Bourn

Williamson Bros. Hanthorpe, Morton, Bourn


Bills William, Dunsby, Bourn

Botherway Thomas, Scottlethorpe, Edenham, Bourn

Bullimore William, Stainfield, Hacconby, Bourn

Christian Robert, Kirkby, Underwood, Bourn

Cooper William, Edenham, Bourn

Cox Edward, Stainfield, Hacconby, Bourn

Futer John, Edenham, Bourn

Glazier Richard, Edenham, Bourn

Hind John, Rippingale, Bourn

Hudson Morris, Witham, Bourn

Hunt Jacob, Dunsby, Bourn

Johnson Thomas, Grimsthorpe, Edenham, Bourn

Kettle Thomas, Eastgate, Bourn

Makins William, Dyke Fen, Bourn

Marshall Thomas H. Kirkby Underwood, Bourn

Martin Jno. Stainfield, Hacconby, Bourn

Middleton James, Dunsby, Bourn

Newton Mat. Kirkby Underwood, Bourn

Parker Thomas, Manthorpe, Bourne

Phillips Mrs. E. Austerby, Bourn

Reddish Mrs. Sarah, Witham, Bourn

Thornton Mrs. A. Edenham, Bourn

Tipler Thos. Kirkby Underwood, Bourn

Tuck Wm. Kirkby Underwood, Bourn

Wilcox Samuel, North Fen, Bourn

Cowkeepers, Milk Dlrs. &c.

Allen John, Rippingale, Bourn

Atter Mrs. Elizabeth, Toft, Bourn

Booth George, Hacconby, Bourn

Burton Thomas, Morton, Bourn

Burton William, Dunsby, Bourn

Ford William, Eastgate, Bourn

Gibbons Jonathan, Rippingale, Bourn

Gray Edward, Morton, Bourn

Herriman Thos. Rippingale, Bourn

Law Grummitt, Rippingale, Bourn

Marvin John, Morton, Bourn

Marvin Joseph, Morton, Bourn

Marvin Robert, Morton, Bourn

Meadows Richard, Dunsby, Bourn

Michelson George, Dyke, Bourn

Michelson Geo. jun. Sth. Fen Bourn

Middleton John, Dunsby, Bourn

Taylor John, Morton, Bourn

Tazzayman, Saml. Rippingale, Bourn

Vickers Mark, Rippingale, Bourn

Williamson Wm. Rippingale, Bourn

Dining rooms

Neal James. South street, Bourn

Taylor James, North street, Bourn

Drapers (Linen and Woollen)

Carlton Thomas, West street, Bourn

Harrison Thomas, Market pl. Bourn

Pacey William, Thurlby, Bourn

Peasgood Robert, Thurlby, Bourn

Dyers and Cleaners

Botterill Charles, 10 Cheyney street, Boston; and Alford, Bourn, Coningsby, Holbeach, Fleet, Falkingham, Long Sutton, Moulton, Sleaford, Wainfleet, Spalding, and Peterbro

Dyers’ Agents

Browning Miss A. Star lane, Bourn

Hunn Job, North street, Bourn

Pearce Thomas, North street, Bourn

Engineers and Machinists

Jones & Buckle, Market place, Bourn, and Spalding

Preston James, Guttram, Bourn

Fancy Repositories

Barratt Henry, Church street, Bourn

Burbank Mrs. M. A. Church st. Bourn

Farm Bailiffs

Bates Samuel, Dunsby, Bourn

Brownlow - , Irnham, Bourn

Bryan Wm. Hawthorpe, Irnham, Bourn

Elsey Robert, Dyke, Bourn

Goodacre Robert, Witham, Bourn

Harrison Thomas, Toft, Bourn

Lambert Thomas, Morton, Bourn

Moore Joseph, Toft, Bourn

Rudkin Jno. Obthorpe, Thurlby, Bourn

Sandall Edward, Lound, Bourn

Tyler William, Manthorpe, Bourn

Farmers. Marked * are also Graziers.

* Andrews Joseph, Austerby, Bourn

* Ansell Henry M. Manthorpe, Bourn

Ash Richard, Dyke, Bourn

Ash William, Dyke, Bourn

* Atkinson Jph. Rippingale, Bourn

* Atkinson Jph. jun. Rippingale, Bourn

* Atkinson Thos. C. Rippingale, Bourn

* Bacon Bros. Rippingale, Bourn, and Kirkby Underwood

* Bacon Jeremiah, Rippingale, Bourn

* Bacon Jno. T. Bulby, Irnham, Bourn

Bacon William, Rippingale, Bourn

Baker Daniel, Morton, Bourn

* Baker James, Hacconby, Bourn

* Baker Joseph P. Morton, Bourn

* Baker Benjamin, Edenham, Bourn

Barker Francis, Swinstead, Bourn

Barker Frank, North Fen, Bourn

Barker William, North Fen, Bourn

Barnett Wm. Fen, Hacconby, Bourn

Batterham George, Hanthorpe, Morton, Bourn

*Batterham Thos. C. Morton, Bourn

Bettinson John, North Fen, Bourn

Bettinson Richard, Thurlby, Bourn

* Birch Mrs. Elizabeth, Edenham, Bourn

* Birch Henry, Edenham, Bourn

Bland Wm. Obthorpe, Thurlby, Bourn

* Bott Henry, Market place, Bourn

* Branston Wm. Swinstead, Bourn

* Bray Mrs Ann, West street, Bourn

Brown Robert F. Witham, Bourn

* Brown William, Hacconby, Bourn

Browning George, Northorpe, Thurlby, Bourn

Brudenell Geo. South Fen, Bourn

Bryan Thos. Northorpe, Thurlby, Bourn

Burrows John, Dyke, Bourn

Cappitt John, Thurlby, Bourn

* Cartwright Jph. Bulby, Irnham, Bourn

* Casswell Frederick, Fen, Dunsby, Bourn

* Chapman Hy. Rippingale, Bourn

Clarke William, Morton, Bourn

Claypole John, Rippingale, Bourn

Close Thomas, Edenham, Bourn

* Coddington Wm. Edenham, Bourn

Cook John & Geo. North Fen, Bourn

Dickinson - , Witham, Bourn

Dring Thos. Hanthorpe, Bourn

Eldred Charles, North road, Bourn

Eldret Edward, South street, Bourn

Eldret John, North Fen, Bourn

* Elfleet, William, Spalding rd. Bourn

Ellis Wilson, Thurlby, Bourn

* Falkner Henry, Eastgate, Bourn

Falkner Richard, Eastgate, Bourn

* Falkner Wm. Eastgate, Bourn

Featherstone Chas. S. Market pl. Bourn

* Franks Hy. Rippingale, Bourn

* Franks John, Rippingale, Bourn

* Franks John, Hacconby, Bourn

Garwood John, Thurlby, Bourn

* Gillson Thomas, North Fen, Bourn

Glover Charles, Austerby, Bourn

Goodacre Joseph, Northorpe, Thurlby, Bourn

* Goodyear Hy. Cawthorpe, Bourn

Gray John W. Northorpe, Thurlby, Bourn

* Gray Thomas, Morton, Bourn

Gray William, Scottlethorpe, Edenham, Bourn

Green William, Witham, Bourn

* Grimes Mrs. Catherine, West st. Bourn

Grummitt Edward, Stainfield, Hacconby, Bourn

Grummitt Frank, Elsthorpe, Edenham, Bourn

Grummitt George W. Eastgate, Bourn

Grummitt John, Hawthorpe, Irnham, Bourn

* Grummitt John, Elsthorpe, Edenham, Bourn

Grummitt Jno. North Fen, Bourn

* Grummitt Joseph, Stainfield, Hacconby, Bourn

Grummitt Wm. North Fen, Bourn

* Grummitt William T. Hacconby, Bourn

Hall James, Irnham, Bourn

* Hardwick Thos. North rd. Bourn

* Harris John, Irnham, Bourn

Harvey Samuel, Northorpe, Thurlby, Bourn

Harwood Thos, Morton, Bourn

Hayes William, Thurlby, Bourn

* Healey Edwd. Rippingale, Bourn

Healey John, Bulby, Irnham, Bourn

Herd Wm. Kirkby Underwood, Bourn

Hind John, Morton, Bourn

* Hodgkin Henry, North Fen, Bourn

* Hodson George, Grimsthorpe, Edenham, Bourn

Hodson Morris, Guttram, Bourn

* Hoyles George, Edenham, Bourn

Inkley George, Thurlby, Bourn

Jackson J. W. Irnham, Bourn

Jackson Thomas, Tongue end Bourn

Kelham Joseph, Edenham, Bourn

Knipe Hy. Northorpe, Thurlby, Bourn

Knipe Samuel, Lound, Bourn

* Knott Thomas, Eastgate, Bourn

Larratt Andrew N. Northorpe, Thurlby, Bourn

* Laurance [sic] Thomas, Hacconby, Bourn

Lawrence William M. Stainfield, Hacconby, Bourn

Lloyd Edward, Witham, Bourn

* Longstaff Mrs. M. A. Dunsby, Bourn

Mansfield Edward, Eastgate, Bourn

* March John & Edward, Swinstead, Bourn

Marsh George, Rippingale, Bourn

* Marshall Jno. Elsthorpe, Edenham, Bourn

Mason William, North Fen, Bourn

* Measures Bros. Carsdyke, Morton, Bourne

* Measures John W. Dunsby, Bourn

Medwell Charles, Eastgate, Bourn

Michelson Richd. North Fen, Bourn

Middleton Jas. H. Hacconby, Bourn

Morris Richard, North Fen, Bourn

Moss Henry, Witham, Bourn

Moxon Thomas, Witham, Bourn

North William, Rippingale, Bourn

Oldershaw Henry, Cheal, Gosberton, Spalding, and Rippingale

Osborn Henry, Ansterby [sic], Bourn

Pacey Daniel, Rippingale, Bourn

Peach F. Manthorpe, Bourn

Peasgood William, Thurlby, Bourn

Phillips Humphrey, Eastgate, Bourn

* Pick Thomas W. Scottlethorpe, Edenham, Bourn

* Pick William G. Witham, Bourn

Pickworth Jno. N. London rd. Spalding. & Deeping St. Nicholas, & Bourn fen

* Pinder Joseph, Kirkby Underwood, Bourn

Pope Daniel, Thurlby, Bourn

Pope Thomas, Thurlby Grange, Bourn

Porter Naaman E. Star Lane, Bourn

Redmile Edwin, Morton, Bourn

* Redmile Henry, Dyke, Bourn

Ringham Matthew B. Northorpe, Thurlby, Bourn

Rodgers Anthony, Morton, Bourn

Rodgers Jno. Morton, Bourn

* Rodgers Wm. Morton, Bourn

Roslin Wm. B. North Fen, Bourn

Rosling W. Kirkby Underwood, Bourn

Roughton Jeremiah, Thurlby, Bourn

* Sandall Mrs. M. A. Rippingale, Bourn

Sands Richard, Dyke, Bourn

Scotney Edward, Morton, Bourn

* Scott George G. Edenham, Bourn

Scott George G. Swinstead, Bourn

* Scott Gordon A. Copy Lawn farm, Edenham, Bourn

* Searson Frederick, Irnham, Bourn

Seaton Thomas, Dyke Fen, Bourn

* Sharman George, Edenham, Bourn

* Sharman Henry, Scottlethorpe, Edenham, Bourn

* Sharman Thomas, Swinstead, Bourn

* Sharpe Job, Scottlethorpe, Edenham, Bourn

Smeaton David S. Manthorpe, Bourn

Smeaton John Henry, Toft, Bourn

Smith Edis, Thurlby, Bourn

Smith Stephen, Lound, Bourn

Sneath Harry A. Manthorpe, Bourn

Sneath John, Toft, Bourn

Sneath John, Manthorpe, Bourn

Sneath Thomas, Thurlby, Bourn

Sneath Thomas, Manthorpe, Bourn

Steel William, Eastgate, Bourn

Stevenson Henry, Thurlby, Bourn

Stevenson Thomas, Thurlby, Bourn

Thistleton Thos. O. Nth. Fen, Bourn

Thurlby John, Morton, Bourn

Tucker Mrs. Mary, Thurlby, Bourn

Tyler William, Thurlby, Bourn

Wade Isaac, , Thurlby, Bourn

Wade John, South Fen, Bourn

Wade & Sons, Thurlby, Bourn

* Wadsley Felix, Hacconby, Bourn

* Wadsley Wm. E. Dunsby, Bourn

Wakefield Edwd. Hacconby, Bourn

Walpole Joseph, Dyke, Bourn

Ward Mrs Mrs [sic] Mary, Swinstead, Bourn

Williamson Edwd. Rippingale, Bourn

* Williamson Jph. B. North st. Bourn

* Williamson Thos. Edenham, Bourn

Wilson Albert, Rippingale, Bourn

* Wilson Edwin, Kirkby Underwood, Bourn

Woolley Edward, Witham, Bourn

* Worman Waller, Rippingale, Bourn

Worsdale Edward, North Fen, Bourn

Worsdale Matthew, North Fen, Bourn

Worsdall Mrs. E. Spalding rd. Bourn

Worsdall Jno. Spalding rd. Bourn

Wortley John, Rippingale, Bourn

Wright George, Swinstead, Bourn


Mays Wm. & Thos. Eastgate, Bourn

Fire, Life, &c. Insurance (See also Friendly Societies’ Insurance Agents.)

Accident; Wm. N. Mee, South st. Bourn

County Fire; John L. Bell, West st. Bourn; Wm. Finlay, Market pl. Bourn

County Hailstorm; Leslie F. Evans, North st. Bourn

Guardian Plate Glass: John Harrison, North st. Bourn

Life Assurance of Scotland; Fredk. G. Shilcock, West st. Bourn

Manchester; William D. Todd, Market place, Bourn

Midland Counties; Stephen W. Andrews, North Street, Bourn

Norwich and London Accident; Leslie F. Evans, North st. Bourn

Ocean; Frederick G. Shilcock, West street, Bourn

Pelican; Thos T. Mawby, North street, Bourn

Phœnix; Leslie F. Evans, North st. Bourn

Provident; John L. Bell, West street, Bourn; Wm. Finlay, Market place, Bourn

Prudential; Thomas E. Sewell, 1 Albion Terrace, Bourn

Royal; John T. Pearce, Market place, Bourn

Scottish Widows; William D. Todd, Market place, Bourn


Arnold Henry, Eastgate, bourn

Williamson Wm. North st. Bourn

Flour Dealers

Gibson William, Church street, Bourn

Fruiterers & Greengrocers

Arnold Henry, Eastgate, Bourn

Coulson Samuel, Eastgate, Bourn

Field Henry, Northorpe, Thurlby, Bourn

Game and Poultry Dealers

Coulson Samuel, Eastgate, Bourn

Garden Furniture Manfr.

Redshaw Wm. H. North st. Bourn

Gardeners (Jobbing, &c.)

Allen John, Back lane, Bourn

Field Wm. Northorpe, Thurlby, Bourn

Foster William, Swinstead, Bourn

Gilbert Benoni (and florist), Dyke Fen, Bourn

Stanton James, Eastgate, Bourn

Wyles Mrs Ann, West street, Bourn

Gardeners (Market)

Day John, Thurlby, Bourn

Falkner Richard, Eastgate, Bourn

Falkner William, Eastgate, Bourn

General Dealers

Downes Jas. North street, Bourn

Glass and China Dealers

Pearce Thomas, North street, Bourn

Story William, North street, Bourn

Granite Merchants

Ellis & Everard, ..... Bourn


Hazlewood Thomas, Edenham, Bourn

Holmes Matthew, Thurlby, Bourn

Kelham Joseph, Edenham, Bourn

May George, Eastgate, Bourn

Nichols Mrs Elizabeth, Dunsby, Bourn

Phillips Mrs E. Eastgate, Bourn

Riley William, 3 Bourne [sic] road. S[palding]

Sanford John, Dunsby, Bourn

Sensicle Henry, Dunsby, Bourn

Shelton Job, Edenham, Bourn

Shelton Thomas, Edenham, Bourn

Grocers and Provision Dlrs. Marked * are also Drapers and § Provision merchants.

* Allatt Thomas P. Hacconby, Bourn

* Bacon Bros. Rippingale, Bourn

Betts William, Edenham, Bourn

* Branston John, Eastgate, Bourn

Bray Mrs Ann, West street, Bourn

Chapman Mrs A. Morton, Bourn

Coales Edward, Church street, Bourn

Cocks Peter, Irnham, Bourn

Darnes James W. Eastgate, Bourn

* Eayers Samuel, Morton, Bourn

* Franks Mrs R. Rippingale, Bourn

Gaymer William R. Dyke, Bourn

Green Frederick J. North st. Bourn

* Kelham Joseph, Edenham, Bourn

Laxton Jno. Rippingale, Bourn

* March Thos. Swinstead, Bourn

* Measures Bros. Market place and West street, Bourn

Middleton James H. Hacconby, Bourn

* Mowson Alfred, Morton, Bourn

* Pacey Wm. Thurlby, Bourn

Peasgood Robert, Thurlby, Bourn

Robinson Henry, North street, Bourn

* Rodgers Henry, Market pl. Bourn

Sanford John, Dunsby, Bourn

§ Smith John, North street, Bourn

Steel Richard, Morton, Bourn

Story Thomas, Swinstead, Bourn

* Swift Mrs Caroline, Morton, Bourn

Vickers George, Rippingale, Bourn

Wall William, Star lane, Bourn

Warren Joseph, North street, Bourn

* Wherry E. & Sons, North street, and Eastgate, Bourn

Williamson Bros. Hanthorpe, Morton, Bourn

Wilson John, Dunsby, Bourn

Hairdressers & Perfumers

Barratt Henry, Church street, Bourn

Hunn Job, North street, Bourn

Sharpe Simeon, Church street, Bourn

Hardware Dealers

Maxons James, West street, Bourn


Barham John & Son, High st. Bourn


Grummitt George, Eastgate, Bourn

Hop Merchants

Shilcock R. J. & Son, North st. Bourn

Hotels, &c.

Anchor, Saml. Nixon, Eastgate, Bourn

Angel, Henry Bott (& posting), Market place, Bourn

Black Dog, Thomas S. Smith, Witham, Bourn

Black Horse, George Hodson, Grimsthorpe, Edenham, Bourn

Blue Bell, William Dracard, Swinstead, Bourn

Blue Bell, Jph. Fairchild, Thurlby, Bourn

Bull, Geo. Marsh, Rippingale, Bourn

Bull, Jno. J. Younger, Market pl. Bourn

Butchers’ Arms, Thomas Howitt, Toft, Bourn

Crown, Robert James Bliss, West street, Bourn

Crown, Jph. Bullimore, Dyke, Bourn

Crown, Edis Smith, Thurlby, Bourn

Five Bells, Wm. Clarke, Morton, Bourn

Five Bells, Thos. Hazlewood, Edenham, Bourn

Golden Lion, Mrs Ann Bray, West st. Bourn

Greyhound, Samuel Nixon, North Fen, Bourn

Griffin, James Hall, Irnham, Bourn

Horse and Groom, George Sherwin, West street, Bourn

Horse Shoe, John Andrew, Thurlby, Bourn

King’s Head, William Baxter, Morton, Bourn

Light Dragoon, Benjamin T. Ayre, Church street, Bourn

Lion, Hy. Sensicle, Hacconby, Bourn

Marquis of Granby, Bingham Palmer, Star lane, Bourn

Masons’ Arms, Mrs Sarah Palmer, South street, Bourn

Nag’s Head, John Thornton (exors. of), Church street, Bourn

Nag’s Head, Mrs Maria Thornton, Market place, Bourn

Nelson, Thos. Baldwin, Morton, Bourn

New, Miss A. Palmer, Eastgate, Bourn

Old Windmill, Henry Draycott, North street, Bourn

Red Lion, Edw. Horner, South st. Bourn

Ring of Bells, William Spencer, Thurlby, Bourn

Royal Oak, Thomas Watson, North street, Bourn

Six Bells, Wm. Banks, North st. Bourn

Three Tuns, Wm. Rosling, Kirkby Underwood, Bourn

Windmill, John Claypole, Rippingale, Bourne

Windmill, Thomas Langley, Swinstead, Bourn

House and Estate Agents

Lawrence Henry, South street, Bourn

Shilcock Frederick G. West st. Bourn

Ward William W. North road, Bourn


Jones & Buckle, Market place, Bourn, and Spalding

Storey Joseph, North street, Bourn

Joiners and Carpenters (Marked * are also Builders, † Wheelwrights, § Contractors.)

Alford Edward, Toft, Bourn

†Andrews Edward, Star lane, Bourn

Bryan Jph. Northorpe, Thurlby, Bourn

Bullimore Joseph, Dyke, Bourn

* Evans Richd. West street, Bourn

Futer Saml. Edenham, Bourn

* Grummitt John, Union st, Bourn

Marshall Wm. Kirkby Underwood, Bourn

Mossam Henry, Thurlby, Bourn

Parmiter John, North street, Bourn

Roberts James, Irnham, Bourn

Sandall John T. Morton, Bourn

Sandford john, Dunsby, Bourn

Sensicle Henry, Hacconby, Bourn

Smith Edward J. West street, Bourn

Smith Robert, Witham, Bourn

* Topham & Chappel, Star ln. Bourn

Wade William, South Fen, Bourn

Whitelam George, Morton, Bourn

Wilcox John, Dyke, Bourn

Wilcox Thomas, Dyke, Bourn

Wortley John, Rippingale, Bourn

Leather Cutters & Dealers

Redshaw John, North street, Bourn

Machine Owners

Searson Mrs. Jane, South Fen, Bourn


Gibson John, West street, Bourn

Thorpe Wm. B. West street, Bourn

Manure Merts. & Agents

Ellis & Everard, Station Yard, South street, Bourn

Jones & Buckle, Market place, Bourn, and Spalding

Milliners & Dressmakers

Arnold Mrs. M. Market pl. Bourn

Browning Miss A. Star lane, Bourn

Burbank Mrs. M. A. Church st. Bourn

Carlton Thomas, West street, Bourn

Johnson Misses E. A. & A. West street, Bourn

Knowles Mrs Jane, Morton, Bourn

Lincoln Mrs. S. A. new street, Bourn

Ray & Bloodworth, Elm ter. North rd. Bourn

Ringham Mrs. Annie, Northorpe, Thurlby, Bourn

Rollings Mrs. Ann, Morton, Bourn

Mineral Water Manufctrs

Mills R. M. & Co. Market pl. Bourn

Palmer Henry W. Star lane, Bourn

Music and Musical Instrument Dealers

Groome John, Thurlby, Bourn

Music Teachers (Marked * are Organists.)

* Lewis Charles H. North rd. Bourn


Morris John T. West street, Bourn

Oil & Seed Cake Manufrs. and Merchants

Shilcock R. J. & Son, North st. Bourn

Painters, Paperhangers, and Decorators

Harrison John, North street, Bourn

Harrison William, North street, Bourn

Taylor James, North street, Bourn

Paperhanging Dealers

Morris John T. West street, Bourn

Pearce John T. Market place, Bourn

Patent Medicine Vendors

Morris John T. West street, Bourn

Pearce John T. Market place, Bourn


Bertolle Richard, Eastgate, Bourn

Redshaw Wm. H. North street, Bourn


Ashworth Jas H. M.R.C.P. North st. Bourn

Burdwood Jas. W. South st. Bourn

Pianoforte Dealers

Morris John T. West st. Bourn

Pig Dealers

North William, Rippingale, Bourn

Plumbers, Glaziers, and Gasfitters

Fittis John, Eastgate, Bourn

Harrison William, North st. Bourn

Printers (Letterpress)

Ball Thomas, Church street, Bourn

Groome John, Thurlby, Bourn

Morris John T. West street, Bourn

Pearce John T. Market place, Bourn

Rope and Twine Manufrs.

Maxoms James, West street, Bourn

Saddlers & Harness Makers

Mehew William, Morton, Bourn

Palmer William, South street, Bourn

Pridmore Thomas, Star lane, Bourne

Sherwin Luke, West street, Bourn

Teat Thomas, North street, Bourn

Wells Thomas G. Rippingale, Bourn

Salt Merchants

Ellis & Everard, 1 & 3 Midland Station yard, S.[tamford], and Uffington, Tallington, Bourn, and Tittleworth


Board Schools.

Bourn, North Fen; Charles & Mrs Eliza Leakey.

Star lane; John Derry, Miss C. Ward, Miss E. Blaxter

Private Schools. (Marked * take Boarders.)

* Gilbert Miss Eliza, North st. Bourn

* Layton Miss C. West Street, Bourn

Sewell Wm. 1 Albion terrace, Bourn

* Tidswell Miss S.E. West st. Bourn

Warwick Mrs M. A. Scottlethorpe, Edenham, Bourn

Denominational, Charity, Grammar, etc.


Bourn; Rev. H. Canham

Seedsmen (Marked * are also Florists.)

* Allen John, Back lane, Bourn

Arnold Robert, Star lane, Bourn

Mowson Alfred, Morton, Bourn

* Redshaw John, North street, Bourn

Seed Merchants & Dealers.

Wherry E. & Sons, North street, and Eastgate, Bourn

Sewing Machine Agts. & Dlrs.

Jones & Buckle, Market place, Bourn

Morris John T. West street, Bourn


Chesterton MrsM. Eastgate, Bourn

Clarke Mrs Mary, West st. Bourn

Cocks William, Irnham, Bourn

Gibbins Edwin, West street, Bourn

Halford Henry, Rippingale, Bourn

Knipe Henry, Thurlby, Bourn

Nicols Mrs Ann, Rippingale, Bourn

Pell Miss S. E. Eastgate, Bourn

Penniston Mrs Ann, Thurlby, Bourn

Porter John, Swinstead, Bourn

Ringham Matthew B. Northorpe, Thurlby, Bourn

Searson Mrs Emma, Eastgate, Bourn

Stanton James, Eastgate, Bourn

Story Thomas, Swinstead, Bourn

Wass Thomas, Lound, Bourn

Waters Charles, 13 New st. Bourn

Sieve Makers

Sarll George, South street, Bourn

Silk Mercers

Harrison Thomas, Market pl. Bourn

Slate Merchants

Longland W. Thurlby, Bourn

Smallware Dealers and Haberdashers.

Allatt Thomas P. Hacconby, Bourn


Andrews Stephen W. Nth. st. Bourn

Bell John L. West st. Bourn


Groome John, Thurlby, Bourn

Stonemasons (Marked * are Monumental and † Marble Masons, §Builders.)

Blackwell Abm. Rippingale, Bourn

§ Bywater Wm. Eastgate, Bourn

§Longland Wm. Thurlby, Bourn

Maxey Henry, Swinstead, Bourn

§ Norman Joseph, Satr lane, Bourn

* Sewell Thos. E. 1 Albion ter. Bourn

Spencer Stephen, Kirkby Underwood, Bourn


Adams Jno. Rippingale, Bourn

Glencross Fredk. J. South st. Bourn

Surveyors (Highway)

Barker John, West street, Bourn

Surveyors (Land)

Brudenell George, South Fen, Bourn

Claunce Jno. Rippingale, Bourn

Lea John, Hacconby, Bourn

Warren Joseph, North street, Bourn

Tailors & Woollen Drapers (Marked * are also Clothiers and Outfitters.)

Baines John, West street, Bourn

Betts William, Edenham, Bourn

Booth George, Hacconby, Bourn

Bradford Isaac, Back lane, Bourn

Farrow Wm. Rippingale, Bourn

Harrison Thos, Market pl. Bourn

* Howitt Robt. North st. Bourn

Kelham Henry, North street, Bourn

* Measures Bros. Market place and West street, Bourn

Mower Henry, Morton, Bourn

Newham Samuel, Witham, Bourn

Porter John, Swinstead, Bourn

Smith James M. 11 New st. Bourn

Stanton George, Morton, Bourn

Todd William D. Market pl. Bourn

Wyles George, Eastgate, Bourn

Tallow Chandlers

Wherry E. & Sons, North street, and Eastgate, Bourn

Thrashing Machine Owners (Marked * have Steam Machines.)

Knipe Hy. Northorpe, Thurlby, Bourn

Marshall George, Kirkby Underwood, Bourn

Walpole Joseph & Wm. Dyke, Bourn

Timber Merchants & Dlrs.

Wade & Sons, Thurlby, Bourn

Tinners and Braziers

Richardson Wm. C. West st. Bourn

Storey Joseph, North st. Bourn


Redshaw W. H. North st. Bourn

Toy and Fancy Dealers

Redshaw John, North st. Bourn

Umbrella Mkrs & Repairers

Plowright James W. Eastgate, Bourn


Parmiter John, North street, Bourn

Vermin Destroyers

Norman Zachariah, Hanthorpe, Morton, Bourn

Veterinary Surgeons

Holmes John, Austerby, Bourn

Washing, &c. Machine Dlrs. and Agents

Jones & Buckle, Market pl. Bourn, & Sleaford

Watch and Clock Makers and Jewellers

Ellicock Joseph, West street, Bourn

Ingram David C. North st. Bourn

Neal Henry J. 6 Albion ter. Bourn

Pearce Thomas, North st. Bourn

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