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Illness, a Preoccupation of the Nineteenth Century.

from Some Pages of Advertisements Published in Bourne.

The Patent Remedies.

John T. Morris opened his business as a printer, bookseller and stationer in 1864 and about 1868, printed a booklet which consisted apparently, mainly of advertisements.  28 leaves (56 pages) remain, of which all but two pages are of advertising copy.  23 pages are partly or entirely related to the restoration of human health.  25 pages offer products including some medicines, of which Morris was either the principal or the agent.  In 1868 the shop was in West Street where he was still trading in 1910.

Today, we are well aware of the importance of health and an outside observer would know that this was the case, from seeing the amount of material printed and broadcast in the subject.  Much is said about the maintenance of health, that is, the prevention of ill-health but more is said about illness.  It is natural that we should feel more strongly when we are in need of a cure than we do when considering prevention, so that has always been the way.  In former centuries, there were people who specialised in remedies often but not always, based on the use of one herb at a time and known as simples.  During the nineteenth century, if not before, these simplistic remedies were developed into compound patent medicines.  The growing ease of communication (the penny post in particular) combined with the development of techniques of mass-marketing allowed one proprietor to sell his products more widely.  Thomas Holloway was the great exponent of this, starting in the 1830s with ointment then the pills and it is clear from Morris’s booklet that by 1868, others sought to emulate him, perhaps because he made a great deal of money from it.  By 1871, he was thinking of giving some of it away and in the 1880s he spent £800,000 on building and endowing the Royal Holloway College in London University.

The importance of the developing railway and postal communications is brought out particularly in Mr. Cooper’s advertisements reproduced on page 14 addressed to “married ladies only to “ladies in doubtful health” and to people in need of “Indian invigorating drops”.  In the context of “the strictest secrecy” and hem, hem, “France”, “all diseases that human flesh is heir to” has a very particular meaning and that is one which any “ladies and gentlemen in doubtful or delicate health” living in Bourne would not wish the neighbours to know about.  They were still in dire trouble but at least they could hope for help from distant people who did not know them.  Similarly a “married lady” wishing to avoid the “many troubles and anxieties incidental to married life” would not wish to buy an “important article” locally. Note how the issue of Post Office stamps after 1840, facilitated making small payments by post.

Without knowing the date of the publication, it would be possible to see that it was after the discovery of vaccination against smallpox (1796) but there is little sign of the idea of antisepsis introduce by Lister in 1860 and nothing of the germ theory of infection dramatically developed in the last part of the century.

B. Wyles was a local chemist but he offered his cough mixture for sale nationally and had a London agent.  To a modern eye, his claims seem less extravagant than was usual at a time when advertisers gave equal weight to diseases which we fear as to those which are now forgotten but like the others, he did tend not to distinguish between diseases and what we see as symptoms.  However, this paper is not a thesis but a presentation of material for your research; use it and other sources to see what you can discover. 

Preserve Your Health,

Avoid Consumption.


A Safe, Speedy. and Efficacious Remedy  for

Asthma, Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Sore Throat, Bronchitis, Influenza, Difficulty of Breathing, Whooping cough, Night Sweats, Spitting of Blood, Tickling of the Throat, and other Diseases of the Chest and Lungs, and the best preventative of Pulmonary Consumption, one dose relieves.

All irritation of the chest, lungs, and organs of breathing is quickly subdued by the soothing and healing influence of this valuable preparation when taken in time.  A single bottle will, in most cases, effect a cure, though weeks of suffering may have passed in consequence of a dreadful, wearing, and harassing cough.  Thousands die annually whose lives might have been prolonged by the timely use of this simple but powerful remedy.  Those who have experienced its beneficial effects are from time to time sending in their disinterested testimony to its happy results.  One says, “It completely cured me; let me have a dozen more bottles;” others, “We shouldn’t know what to do without it;” another, “One dose allayed a fit of coughing which had lasted for hours;” in short, unqualified testimonials of approbation, far too numerous to mention here, are continually being received.

In the earlier stages of Consumption this Syrup will generally retard its progress, and in the more advanced stages the urgency of the symptoms will be wonderfully relieved by it.

It operates by promoting free expectoration, ridding the Lungs of the accumulation of Phlegm, which is the cause of the choking, irritating sensation; and by allaying irritability and tickling of the air-passages, secures sleep, “nature’s best restorer,” at the same time setting up a gentle perspiration of the skin, for the want of which, those unpleasant feelings of oppression, and fullness, and difficulty in breathing are felt.

If you are suffering from a cough or cold, give it a trial.  It contains no nauseous disagreeable drug, but is quite pleasant to the palate.

See you get the right article bearing B. Wyles’s name; any Chemist will procure it if not in stock, or the proprietor will forward it on receipt of stamps; or it may be obtained from the London Agents, Messrs. Butler and Crisp, 4, Cheapside, St. Paul’s.

Sold in bottles, 7½d., 1s. 1½d., and 2s. 9d.  There is a great saving by taking the larger size.


Prepared Only By the Proprietor,

B. Wyles,

wholesale and retail chemist,

at his Pure Drug and Dispensing Warehouse,

North Street, Bourne,



The Great Lincolnshire Medicine, Page Woodcock’s Wind Pills.

Spalding Testimony to the Efficacy of Page Woodcock’s Wind Pills.

Dear Sir,- I send you these few lines to inform you of the happy resulting taking Wind Pills.  For Five long years I suffered acute and racking pain indescribable – no tongue can tell what I suffered in tossing about in bed, night after night, and in lying on chairs, and trying everything – hot flannels, turpentine, and having the Doctor with me for hours, till at last I lost all faith in medicine.  Providentially I was directed to try your valuable pills.  Now for the greatest wonder of the World – I am a miracle!  I can scarcely believe it myself.  I bless the Lord and thank you for so miraculous a cure!  I am now on the third box, and am endeavouring to spread their fame.  I have recommended the Pills to numbers I am acquainted with.  Publish this to the world.

I am, yours truly,

R. Camm,

Boot and shoe maker, Bourne-road, Spalding.

Sufferers from Wind in the Stomach, indigestion, Costiveness, Giddiness, Sick Head-ache, Heartburn, Disturbed Sleep, Palpitation of the Heart, Colic, Ague, Biliousness, Erysipelas, Liver Complaints, Tic-doloreux, Skin Eruptions, &c., &c. should lose no time in availing themselves of this most excellent medicine.

They are sold by all respectable Medicine Vendors throughout the Kingdom in boxes at 1s., 1½d., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d. each; or should any difficulty occur, enclose 14, 33 or 54 stamps, according to size, to Page D. Woodcock, Lincoln, and they will be sent Free by return of post.

Sold by John T. Morris, Bookseller, Bourne.

Known throughout the Civilized World.

A Most Remarkable Cure of Indigestion, &c.,

of Ten Years Standing,

by Page Woodcock’s


To Mr. Woodcock. – Dear Sir, - I wish to add my humble testimony to the many cases of cure effected by your Pills.  I had been severely afflicted for ten years, with palpitations of the Heart, Spasms, and Indigestion.  I was so weak that I could not walk across the room without help, and all my friends thought that I should not recover.  I took every kind of medicine I could think of, and had two doctors attend me, but I only got worse under their treatment.  I then commenced taking your Wind Pills, taking as many as a box a week, and the effect was wonderful.  I gradually lost my old complaints, and I am now as well as I ever was in my life.

I still take a dose occasionally, and they keep me in good health.  I could not say more in their praise if I was to write a book.  I shall be very glad to tell any one who will call, of their good effect on me.

My address is – Mrs. Chaplin, Mill Hill, New Catton, Norwich. Dated, August 11th, 1866.

Sold by All the principal Medicine Vendors in this District.

The most Wonderful Discovery of the Age.

Observe! – This is an outward application only; And  ONE 1s. 1½d. Bottle is sufficient to Cure Twenty-Five Attacks.

To all sufferers from toothache, Tic doloreux, nervous headache, rheumatism (wherever situate), rheumatic gout, deafness, sciatica, paralytic and other nervous affections,

Henry’s Nervine, or,  Neuralgic Embrocation,

Is with the utmost confidence recommended as the most speedy and unfailing Remedy ever yet brought before the public.

There are, perhaps, no afflictions to which the human frame is liable, that produce more acute and agonising pain, and at the same time excite so little sympathy from others, as those arising form the affections of he nerves.  None but those who have experienced the racking tortures of the toothache, or the equally intense and darting pangs of Tic Doloreux, can realise in any degree, or form any conception of their distracting anguish; by those, however, who have been the victims of these excruciating tortures, Henry’s Nervine will be welcomed as a friend indeed.

This invaluable remedy is the discovery of a Chemist, who for nearly fifteen years suffered from almost constant toothache, without finding relief from any of the so called specifics that have been brought before the public.  After many experiments and investigations of Chemical substances, he happily discovered the Nervine, and from its application derived permanent relief.

Page I. Woodcock, (who has purchased the recipe), hereby cautions the public against a person who is imitating the wrappers, bottles, labels, and even this hand-bill, word for word, except the title of Henry’s.  This person was formerly an agent for its sale, but not being satisfied with a legitimate profit tries to imitate that which was invented before, to the deception and injury of the public.  The above remarks do not refer to Bunter’s Nervine which is for stopping decayed teeth.


Its great superiority over all other remedies for the same complaints, may be judged of by the following features:-

1st.- It is an outward application only, thus preventing any fear in its use, and obviating the necessity of taking nauseating medicines; and

2ndly.- Its action being specially on the nerves, the effects of its application are almost instantaneous; relief in all cases where the nerves lie near the skin being obtained in a few seconds, differing totally in this respect from other remedies, which require to be persevered in for weeks before any effect is produced, leaving it a matter of doubt whether the relief obtained has been derived from the medicine itself, or is the result of a re-action of the constitution.

Such being the wonderful properties of Nervine, it needs but little extraneous recommendation.  It will speak for itself, and one trial will be quite sufficient to convince the most sceptical of its astonishing efficacy.


For toothache. – Moisten the tip of the forefinger with the Nervine, and pass it over the seat of the pain; if the offending tooth be in the upper jaw, pass the finger from the temple down to the cheek bone to the upper lip.  Repeat this process four or five times, wetting the finger with the Nervine each time, when the pain, however acute, will be found to vanish as if by magic.

For Tic Doloreux – Proceed as before, passing the finger down the temple to the ear.

Sciatica, Rheumatism, Rheumatic Gout, &c., - For these complaints as the pain is located in more fleshy parts of the body, Henry’s Nervine should be used more freely than in the previous cases.  A teaspoonful should be gently rubbed in with the tip of the finger, night and morning.  Two or three applications are almost invariably sufficient to effect a complete cure.

Deafness, - In this distressing complaint, the Nervine has been singularly successful.  In cases of Deafness of many years standing, when not arising from organic defect, perfect cures have been made by the use of Nervine alone:- A little should be rubbed behind the ear every night and morning, and persevered in for some time.

In cases of Toothache arising either wholly or partially from a disordered stomach, and in all cases where a permanent cure is desired, the advantages of the Nervine will be much facilitated and enhanced by the use, in conjunction with it, of


Two of these Pills should be taken night and morning for a few days, afterwards two at bed-time occasionally.

N.B. – Care should be taken to prevent the Nervine getting into the eye or nostril, and the finger should be washed after applying it.

Henry’s nervine

sold in bottles at 1s. 1½., 2s. 9., and 4s. 6. each.

by all respectable medicine vendors:

Also in Family Bottles at 11s., for Rheumatism, Carriage Free to the nearest Railway Station, from the proprietor,


Sold by all the principal Medicine Vendors in this District.

Any Chemist not having it in stock, will readily order it if requested to do so.

Ask for Henry’s Nervine.  Beware of Spurious Imitations.



by her majesty’s royal letters patent.


(Perfected an Exhibited in the Great Exhibitions of 1851 & 1862.)

Is allowed by upwards of 500 Medical Men to be the most effective invention in the curative treatment of HERNIA.  The use of a steel spring, so often hurtful in its effects, is here avoided; a soft bandage being worn around the body, while the requisite resisting power is supplied by the MOC-MAIN PAD and PATENT LEVER, fitting with so much ease and closeness that it cannot be detected. And may be worn during sleep.  A descriptive circular may be had, and the Truss (which cannot fail to fit) forwarded by post, on the circumference of the body, two inches below the hips, being sent to the

Manufacturer, Mr. White, 228, Piccadilly, London.

            Price of a single Truss, 16s., 21s., 26s.6d. and 31s.6d.  Postage, 1s.

            Price of a double Truss, 31s.6d., 42s., and 52s.6d.  Postage 1s.8d.

            Price of an Umbilical Truss, 31s.6d., 42s., and 52s.6d.  Postage 1s.8d.

Post Office orders to be made payable to John White, Post-office, Piccadilly


            The material of which these are made is recommended by the faculty as being peculiarly ELASTIC and COMPRESSIBLE, and the best invention for giving permanent support in all cases of WEAKNESS AND SWELLINGS of the LEGS, VARICOSE VEINS, SPRAINS &c.  It is porous, light in texture, and inexpensive, and is drawn on like an ordinary stocking.  Price 4s.6d., 7s.6d., 10s., and 16s. each.  Postage,6d

John white, manufacturer. 228, Piccadilly, London.



Derangements of the Stomach, Liver, Kidneys, & Bowels.

From various causes these organs are frequently getting out of order, and require some suitable medicine to regulate them.  Holloway’s Pills effect this object with wonderful celerity and certainty.  They do not distress the system or weaken the frame; they thoroughly invigorate the digestive organs.  They gently excite the stomach and liver, stimulate the kidneys to perform their functions efficiently, and act upon the bowels without griping or any other annoyance.

Indigestion, Biliousness, and Sick Headaches.

No organ on the human body is so liable to disorder as the liver, and none is more apt , when neglected, to become seriously diseased.  When nausea, flatulency, or acidity, on the stomach warns us that digestion is not proceeding properly, Holloway’s Pills regulate every function, give strength to every organ, speedily remove all causes of indigestion, biliousness and sick headaches, and effect a permanent cure.

Coughs, Colds, and Asthmas.

No medicine will cure colds of long duration, and such as are settled on the chest so quickly as these famous Pills.  Even in cases where the first stage of asthma has appeared, they may be relied on as a certain and never-failing remedy, particularly if Holloway’s Ointment be rubbed into the chest and throat night and morning.

Want of Strength and Energy.

Persons of sedentary habits, those troubled in mind, working in factories, coal-pits, and others who cannot obtain that amount of fresh air and exercise which nature requires, suffer from weakness and debility, lowness of spirits and want of appetite.  All such should take a dose or two of these pills every three or four days, as the act gently and effectually on the system, imparting vigour and energy to the body, which is always followed by a good appetite, sound and refreshing sleep, with a high flow of spirits.


Holloway’s Pills are the best remedy known in the world for the following diseases:-

Ague                      Dysentery                     Inflammation              Stone and Gravel

Asthma                   Erysipelas                     Jaundice                    Secondary Symptoms

Bilious complaints   Female Irregularities      Liver Complaints       Tic-Doloreux

Bowel Complaints  Fevers of all kinds         Lumbago                   Tumours

Constipation of the Fits                               Piles                          Ulcers

     Bowels              Gout                             Rheumatism               Venereal Affections

Consumption          Headache                     Scrofula                     Weakness from whatever

Debility                   Indigestion                    Sore Throats                  cause, &c., &c.


Sold at the Establishment of Professor Holloway, 533, Oxford Street (late of 244, Strand, near Temple Bar), London; also by all respectable Druggists and Dealers in Medicines throughout the civilised world, at the following prices:- 1s.1½d., 2s.9d., 4s.6d., 22s., and 33s., each Box.

There is a considerable saving by taking the larger sizes.  N.B.-Directions for the guidance of patients in every disorder are affixed to each Box.


A cure for every sore! ! !

Holloway’s ointment


Bad Legs, Bad Breasts, Old Wounds, Sores, and Ulcerations of all kinds.

There is no medicinal preparation in the world which may be so thoroughly relied upon, in the treatment of the above ailments, as Holloway’s Ointment.  Nothing can be so simple as the manner in which it is applied – nothing more safe than its action on the body, both locally and constitutionally.  The Ointment, rubbed around the part affected, enters the pores just as salt enters meat.  It quickly penetrates the source of the evil, and drives it from the system.

Rheumatism, Gout, Stiff Joints.

Every one suffering from these painful affections should use this purifying Ointment as it has rescued thousands from a life of torture, after every other means had been tried in vain.  The Ointment should be well rubbed into the skin at least twice a day, after it has been properly fomented with warm salt and water and dried.  The inflammation soon yields, and the patient, no longer helpless, resumes his accustomed occupation.

Asthma, Shortness of Breath.

In these complaints the Ointment should be well rubbed twice a day upon the chest and between the shoulders.  It will penetrate to the lungs, stimulate them to renewed exertions, prevent stagnation of the blood, moderate the pulsations of the heart, regulate the current of air through the bronchial tubes, and thus effect a permanent cure.

All Varieties of Skin Disease, Scrofula and Scurvy.

This Ointment is a certain cure for Ringworm, Scurvy, Scrofula, or King’s Evil, and the most inveterate skin diseases to which the human race is subject.  They cannot be treated with a safer or more speedy remedy than Holloway’s Ointment, assisted by his celebrated Pills, which act so powerfully on the constitution, and so purify the blood that these disorders are completely eradicated from the system, and a lasting cure obtained.


Both the Ointment and Pills should be used in the following cases:-

Bad Legs             Contracted & Stiff Joints  Lumbago                               Sore Throats

Bad Breasts         Corns (Soft)                             Piles                             Scurvy

Burns                  Elephantiasis                             Rheumatism                  Ulcers

Cancers               Fistulas                                     Scald Heads                 Wounds

Chilblains             Glandular Swellings                   Skin Diseases               Yaws

Chapped Hands  Gout                                                                            


Sold at the establishment of Professor Holloway, 533, Oxford Street (late of 244, Strand, near Temple Bar), London; also by all respectable Druggists and Dealers in Medicines throughout the civilised world, at the following prices:- 1s.1½d., 2s.9d., 11s., 22s., and 33s., each pot.

** There is a considerable saving in taking the larger sizes.

N.B.- Directions for the guidance of patients in every disorder are affixed to each pot.




Is it Too Late? No! “While there is Life there is Hope.”

Though you have suffered and despaired through years, and tried remedies in vain, there is still A SAFE & SURE CURE at a very small cost.

every afflicted person should try

cavania’s liver & nervine pills.

They remove Indigestion, Bilious and Liver Complaints, Short and difficult breathing, violent palpitation of the heart, pains in the stomach, sense of weight after meals, flatulency, acidity, heartburn, spasms, hysterics, faintness, flushes of heat, cold chills, sick headache, giddiness, drowsiness, vomiting, green sickness, waterbrash, feverish mouth; clean the furred tongue, remove offensive breath, disagreeable taste in he mouth, parched lips, stitches and pains in the sides, or between the shoulders, sallowness of the skin, blotches and pimples; sunken eyes brighten and spirits revive; free the stomach and bowels of all crudities that vitiate their secretions, excite a proper secretion of gastric juice, regulate the action of the liver with a wholesome supply of the bile necessary for the process of digestion, and a healthy flow of blood to every part of the stomach, liver, heart, lungs, kidneys; the brain becomes strong, the intellect clear; give freedom to the lungs, remove bronchial affectations, obstructed respiration, over-gorged lungs, oppressions of the chest, congestion of the liver, lungs or brain; prevent consumption if persevered with in the early stages.  Pains in the back, gatherings of wind and water, dropsy, bearing down pains, inward tumours, ulcers, and cancerous womb diseases, gouty swelled ankles, white legs, &c. soon disappear; dropsical fluids are speedily carried out of eh system and prevented from accumulating; no dropsy can long resist their power; they promote the functions of the kidneys and bladder, prevent gravel forming, remove stricture, inflammatory heats, difficulty in voiding urine, urinary deposits, red and white sediments, &c.

Remove obstructions of every kind either in the young entering into womanhood, of approaching the turn of life – the most critical period – strengthen the nerves, and give increased vigour to the constitution.

Give to the complexion a healthful hue, root out diseases that have defied every other treatment, and health is renewed by natural means.  Those who are obliged to sit up until late hours should take these pills 2 or 3 times a week, as they are the best protectors of health, and should be taken for a few weeks after accouchement, to cleanse the body of the humours, that, for want of being thoroughly discharged, are often the cause of serious diseases.  Every female who values health should take 1 or 2 boxes at the turn of life, as they prevent uterine and womb diseases.  For costiveness and piles they are a certain remedy, they regulate the bowels, cool the body, and the sufferer is soon able to do without medicines.

Cavania’s Liver & Nervine pills give Relief in the most extreme cases to both male and female.  Hundreds have been cured of diseases after taking one or two boxes of these Pills, after being given up as incurable by Doctors, and turned out of Hospitals and Infirmaries.

Price 1s.1¦d., 2s.9d., 4s.6d., and 11s. per box.

There is a great saving by taking the larger boxes, the 2s.9d. box contains three at 1s.1¦d., 4s.6d. two at 2s.9d., 11s. three at 4s.6d.  If there is any difficulty in obtaining these Pills, send 1s.2d., 2s.9d, 4s.6d. or 11s in Postage stamps to

Mrs. E. Ford, Wholesale Medicine Depot, 2, King Street, DERBY,

And a box will be sent FREE OF POSTAGE By return.

A Book on the Treatment of Diseases, for the guidance of patients, is attached to each box.

Medicine Vendors wishing to become Agents, should apply to Derby.

Sold by Newbery & Sons, St. Paul’s Churchyard: Sanger & Son, 150, Oxford Street: Barclay & Son, Farringdon Street: W. Edwards, 38, Old Change, Cheapside, London.


John T Morris, Stationer,

West Street, Bourne

Great has been the success of Cavania’s Liver & Nervine Pills that Thousands have been Cured.

Cure of indigestion, Nervous Debility, &c.                     Mrs. Horn, Agbrigg, near Wakefield, suffered from liver complaint, indigestion, wind, pains in the stomach and bowels, palpitation of the heart, pains in sides and between the shoulders, trembling of the hands and limbs, loss of memory, restless nights frightful dreams, apprehension of death or of  some evil about to befall her, and other distressing symptoms.  She was unable to attend to her duties for twelve months, was under the care of a nurse.  She persevered with Cavania’s Liver & Nervine Pills for 8 weeks and was cured.  She wishes this published.

Cure of Bronchitis, Asthmatic Cough &c.                     Mr D. Townsend, Weaver, North Osset Well, near Wakefield, suffered with a distressing cough, spat up matter and phlegm, his breathing was short and difficult, pains in the chest, sides, and between  the shoulders, palpitation of the heart, faintness, clammy sweats, wasting of the body, was very weak and scarcely able to walk or stand.  In a few days after taking the Liver & Nervine pills he found relief, and in 9 weeks cured.

Cure of Liver Complaint, Jaundice, Dropsy.        Hariet Gray, Saxelby, Lincolnshire; her eyes and skin were a dark yellow, veins small and blue, pains in the stomach, sickness, pains between the shoulders and across the loins, dropsy wind and water, bearing down pains, flushes of heat, cold sweats, aching of the bones and legs, had scarcely strength to get about, and had been an outpatient at Lincoln Dispensary, and under medical treatment 4 years.  Cured in 11 weeks by Cavania’s Liver & Nervine Pills.

Cure of Gravel, Stone, and Lumbago.                            Mrs. Cooper, Little Wilbraham, Cambridgeshire, was afflicted with a perpetual inclination to make water, but could only pass a few drops, sometimes parting with blood; severe pain in the small of the back, round the sides and about the navel, in this state she was for many years, had been under several Doctors but nothing relieved her.  Took the Liver & Nervine Pills although despairing of a cure, when, to her astonishment, she voided two large and several small stones with slime; she persevered and in 2 month was cured.

[The advertisement continues in the same vein under the following headings:]

Cure of Liver Complaint, Indigestion, &c.

Cure of Dropsy, Liver Complaint &c.

Cure of Liver Complaint, Dropsy, &c.

Cure of Bronchitis, Liver Complaint, &c.

Cure of Liver Complaint, Indigestion, &c.

Cure of Pleurisy, Liver Complaint, Debility.

Cure of Diseased Heart, Liver Complaint.

Rheumatism in the Head and Face.

Cure of Rheumatic Gout.



Health and Long Life may be obtained by resorting to


and liver & nervine pills,

Which afford Relief in the most extreme cases to both Male and Female.

none need despair of a cure, however complicated the disease.

Hundreds have been cured of long standing cases by their extraordinary properties, after being given up as incurable by Physicians, Surgeons, and at Infirmaries, and tendered their thanks and requested their cures published for the benefit of other sufferers.

What is the treatment at Infirmaries and Hospitals?  Burning with hot irons, Bleeding, Blistering, Lancing, Amputation, &c.  A Lady-patient who had an enlarged knee, had it fired with a hot iron every other day in a London Hospital, she left as she could not endure the excruciating pain; the Abyssinian Ointment and Liver & Nervine Pills cured her.  Only see the bustle in any Infirmary or Hospital when an operation is about to be performed on a poor half-dead patient of the removal of a limb.  It is useless to amputate a scrofulous diseased limb; it is a disease in the blood, and would break out again in a more horrible form.  levi deardon, of Selston, had a scrofulous diseased big toe joint; he had been a patient at Scarboro’ Scrofula Hospital, and in Sheffield Infirmary where they amputated his big toe and the two next, and afterwards removed his leg from above the knee; the stump healed, the disease remained and appeared in his other big toe, he was again treated in the Infirmary for six months, then left uncured; the Abyssinian Ointment Liver & Nervine Pills cured him.  How many women lose their lives through having cancers cut out from their breasts, which is a disease of the blood and sure to break out again.  On lady consulted me who had her breast taken off by a medical man of eminence in London, and the disease returned in a more aggravated form, she consulted him again and he told her he could do no more for her, he advised her husband to give her opiates and brandy, a wholesale way to send her to another world.  THOS. PITT DAVIES, of Harley, near Rotherham, had the whole of his breast bone, from the stomach to the chin, and all around the throat from ear to ear, covered with scrofulous ulcers, in this dreadful state he had been for two years, and under treatment.  The doctors told him at last his breast was decayed and there was no cure, he had used pecks of white bread poultices; The Abyssinian Ointment and Liver & Nervine Pills, after being treated by medical knights, the wealthy and fashionable physicians and surgeons, styled the first doctors of the day, who had ordered them to the sea-side with the consoling advice – change of air and patience would do the rest, and so left them to die; these are shifts and transfers from our great “Doctors,” after they have done all they can, to turn their suffering patients over to me to cure them; such are often the cases after years of treatment by the practitioners of “the old school.”  Many of the afflicted, instead of being sufferers in spite of the medical Skill, are poor cripples through medical quackery.  It is certain proof that operations are failures in many cases of scrofula and cancer.

Cavania’s Abyssinian Ointment cures Cancers, Scrofula, Abscesses, Ulcers or ulcerated legs, Piles, &c.  Sufferers fro Cancerous or Ulcerated Womb, Tumours, Diseases of the Heart, Liver, Kidneys, &c., should rub the Ointment over the part affected. It penetrates through the pores of the skin to the seat of the disease, it is taken up by the absorbent vessels and incorporates with the life-giving blood which is the support of the body, it is carried with the circulations to the Heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, womb, stomach, and brain, cleansing and healing diseased parts, dispersing tumours and swellings, softening and relaxing stiff and contracted joints, curing rheumatism, obstinate and incurable cases of scrofula and diseased joints, which have resisted every treatment of the most eminent Physicians and Surgeons; expels watery humours from the blood that cause dropsy and skin diseases: blotches, pimples, scorbutic affections, erysipelas, scurf in the head &c.; it is so harmless as not to injure the most delicate skin, and may be used as cosmetique [sic] to improve the complexion.  In heart disease, congested liver, inflammatory pains in the sides, asthma, bronchitis, diseases of the throat and respiratory organs, if the Ointment is well rubbed over the parts affected night and morning, and the Pills taken according to the directions the effect is astonishing.  There is not a single case, let it be ever so bad, but that the relief can be obtained, and in most cases a cure performed.  Legs and arms of the afflicted have been cured by CAVANIA’S ABYSSINIAN OINTMENT AND LIVER & NERVINE PILLS, after being discharged from public Hospitals, because they refused amputation.

Are Cancer and Scrofula Curable without the Knife? Yes!

Cancer in the Breast cured.                             Hannah Hayes, Cinder-Row, Codnor-park, Derbyshire, cured of cancer in the breast in 8 weeks by the Abyssinian Ointment and Liver and Nervine Pills.

Cancerous Sores cured.                                    Lucy Roughton, Aston-court, Peter’s-gate, Lincoln; her neck, throat, and back of the hand were covered with cancerous sores, her fingers were contracted and she could not use them.  She attended Lincoln Infirmary for eighteen months, the Dispensary for twelve months, and a physician attended her for a year all to no purpose; she applied Abyssinian Ointment and took the Liver and Nervine Pills, and was cured in 4 months.

Scrofulous diseased Breast cured.                   Maria Fox, top of North-street-lane,  Sheffield: the whole of the inside of the breast was decaying, it discharged thick offensive matter from two abscesses; a doctor chloroformed her three times and cut it, he afterwards wished to take it off; she had the opinion of five doctors at the Sheffield Infirmary, and they told her it must be taken off.  The Abyssinian Ointment and Liver and Nervine Pills cured her in ten weeks.

Scorbutic Sore Legs, &c. cured.                      J. Cooke, 36, King Street Newark; his legs from the knees to the ankles were covered with scorbutic sores, his face was covered with blotches and pimples, the irritation was most torturing,  and nights out of number he passed without sleep.  He had been treated by a Doctor for 15 weeks, everything he tried made him worse.  Applied for the Abyssinian Ointment and Liver and Nervine Pills, in 16 weeks the wounds were quite healed and the natural colour restored.

Diseased Hip joint and Abscess cured.           T. Downs, Beeley, near Chatsworth, Derbyshire, his hip joint was diseased, a scrofulous abscess formed inside the thigh, discharging matter and blood, the leg and thigh were wasting, a Doctor opened it and told him there was no cure; he had been in bed and on crutches 9 months, and was sinking fast from racking pain.  The Abyssinian Ointment and Liver and Nervine Pills cured him in 14 weeks, he is now a stout healthy man, and has the full use of knee and hip.

Cancerous Lip of 2 Years, cured.                     William Carter, table knife blade maker, Fitzwilliam Street, Sheffield, suffered with a cancerous disease, which extended all over his bottom lip, it was three times its natural size, had tried no end of treatment without benefit; cured by Abyssinian Ointment and Liver and Nervine Pills in 9 weeks.

Mrs. Coziah Brammah, Brook House, Langsett, near Penistone, Yorkshire, cured a cancer in the cheek by Cavania’s Abyssinian Ointment and Liver & Nervine Pills.

Mrs Henson Chapeltown, Yorkshire, cured of a cancer in the breast in * weeks by the Abyssinian Ointment and Liver& Nervine Pills.

Cure of Ulcerate Foot, diseased Toes.            W. Booth, Mason, Horbury, near Wakefield, suffered from Ulcers on the Feet and Toes had been unable to work, and under treatment for 2 months without benefit Mortification set in, and the flesh separated from the bones, Cavania’s Abyssinian Ointment and Liver & Nervine Pills stayed the mortification, in 24 hours the healing process set in.  In a week he was able to wear his boot, and within a fortnight resumed his employment.

[The advertisement continues in the same vein.]




is a few doses of


For Looseness of the Bowels, Cramps, Spasms, Sickness, Windy Pains, Disordered

Bowels from eating unripe fruit, Vegetables, &c., &c.

For many years this Medicine has stood pre-eminent, and has been taken by hundreds of persons in Lincoln and Neighbourhood, with astonishing success; The Proprietor has never heard of a single failure in the worst cases.  Its virtues in ENGLISH CHOLERA and unrivalled.  A single dose generally allays the most acute pain, and diffuses a healthy action through the whole system.  For SPASMS, WINDY CHOLIC, CRAMPS, &c., no Medicine equals it.  Few persons are without a supply, who have once tested its efficacy.  Numerous Testimonials have been received, from amongst which the following have been selected.


Cumberworth, near Alford,

January 20th, 1858.

Sir, - I feel it a duty and a pleasure to inform you of the great benefit I have received by taking your ANTI-CHOLERA DROPS.  I have been afflicted with spasms for a long time, having very violent and dangerous attacks about every month.  I can assure you it was hard work to keep straight with the doctor.  I was advised to try your ANTI-CHOLERA DROPS, and after taking one dose was taking a dose was wonderfully relieved.  I have occasionally felt a slight attack since, but by taking a dose or two the spasms have quickly dispersed, and I am at present in perfect health.  Please to excuse this simple testimony, I could say more but words cannot express their real value.  I give you the name and address that any one may make enquiries either personally or by letter, I shall be happy to answer them.  I am, dear Sir,

Yours respectfully.  

To Mr. P. D. Woodcock.                                                GEORGE GRANTHAM.

Hundreds of Testimonials like the following could be procured.

AMOS JACKSON, son of James Jackson, Nag’s Head, Flaxengate, Lincoln, found relief from the first dose and was quite cured on taking the fourth dose.

This never-failing remedy for Bowel Complaints of every description ought at all times to be had in readiness, and no Housekeeper ought to be without it!  It is an excellent remedy for pain in the Stomach, Wind, or Flatulency, and its properties as an effectual cure for Bowel Complaints, Diarrhoea, or looseness in the Bowels, with or without pain, as well as a certain  preventative to Cholera, can be attested by hundreds in Lincoln and neighbourhood, who received benefit by using it.

The Proprietor wishes to impress it forcibly on the minds of all, that it is essentially necessary to have a remedy of this sort to hand, as most apparently trifling cases in Bowel Complaints often terminate, by neglect of inattention, in Cholera.  The Doses for all ages are accurately described; and any quantity of this invaluable Medicine can be obtained of the Proprietor, Page D. Woodcock, Chemist, Lincoln, and all Chemists and Medicine Vendors.

In Bottles, at 1s.1½d.and 2s.9d. each.

Buy a bottle, it is useful for almost every thing; if you are seized with Bowel Complaint it will stop it in half an hour.

Sold by all Vendors of PAGE WOODCOCK’S Wind Pills.


The Hair, Teeth, and Skin. – The importance of these essential portions of the human frame conot [sic] be too highly estimated, whether we regard them as attributes of beauty and female loveliness, or whether we investigate their peculiar structure and the elements of which they are composed.  The hair, with its singular tubular structure, its peculiar mode of growth and elongation, the delicate method by which its tinge and colour are produced; partaking moreover, as it does, of the influence of the mind, liable to be injured by disturbing causes, and totally ruined by neglect; next, the teeth, with their singular formations of osseous and fibrous structure, of bone and of enamel; and lastly, the skin, with its secret and wondrous sympathies with health and well-being of the frame – these are all structures obviately [sic] too delicate to be entrusted to ignorant or unskilful hands, or to the injurious and corrosive mineral substance which are often so injudiciously applied to them.  It is highly satisfactory to state that MESSRS. ROWLAND AND SON have succeeded in producing applications of the most meritorious character, their Macassar for the hair, Odonto for the teeth, and Kaylor for the skin, being composed of the most beneficial and innoxious elements, and having stood the test of many years of trial and approbation.



The water from the hot springs in the Mountain of Timavus, in Italy, together with the juice of the pomegranate, will prevent , the hair from ever leaving the scalp, and will force it to grow on the head of the oldest manor woman in Europe, - Sold in bottles, 2s. 6d., 5s., and 10s. each.  Sent by any Railway Station in the United Kingdom, by A. Cooper, Chemist, 81, Fleet-street, London. Numerous testimonials sent to any address.


Cooper’s “Baldness Preventer , and Hair Restorer,” (reduced in strength) will produce strong healthy whiskers and moustachois in 10 days.  One bottle only required.  Sent to any address for 18 stamps. – 181, Fleet-street. E.C.  It has never been known to fail.  Testimonials, post free, 1d.  Recipe for the above eight stamps.


Produced from wild Indian berries.  An officer in H.M.S. while in India, discovered this dye, being one of the finest ever applied to the human hair.  Enough of it to last nine months sent post free for 36 stamps. – Send colour of hair to Mr. A. Cooper, Chemist, 181 Fleet-street, London.  Numerous testimonials sent to any address on receipt of one Stamp.

No more Enamelling Ladies Faces.  The Queen of Cosmetics.

“The young girls were as white in the skin as Saxon maidens, but this was due to the constant use of a wonderful cosmetic which whitens and beautifies the skin, and makes it as smooth and soft to the touch as satin.  It is composed of the juice of the Tapa root mingled with an extract of roses..,  If the aristocratic ladies of the courts of Europe could obtain this cosmetic they would doubtless purchase it at any price, & it would have an infinitely greater effect in beautifying the skin than any other their wealth could purchase, while the baneful and destructive effects of enamelling – which withers and cracks the skin – would be entirely obviated.  It has never found its way into Europe, but it is well known to the Circassian beauties, whose exquisite purity of skin is due in a great measure to its use.” – Herman Melvill’s visit to the Marquesas Islands.

This invaluable cosmetic, carefully and accurately prepared from Tapa root and other ingredients by Miss Ladero, a Native, is now offered for sale in bottles, 5s., and 10s. each, - sent to any Railway Station in the United Kingdom.

Address – Mr. Cooper, 181, Fleet-street, London.  Please write for testimonials.  A half-sovereign bottle is a beautiful birthday present to a young lady.


Genuine prescriptions for destroying corns, and banishing the toothache in less than five minutes, sent post free (both included) on receipt of twelve penny postage stamps, and stamped directed envelope.  Over 1000 testimonials received.  We insert the following testimonial. – “ A sure and perfect cure, and without pain of burning the flesh.”  W. Grisbrook, Albany Road, Camberwell, London, S. – Address Mr. Cooper, 181, Fleet-street, London, E.C.

Do you wish to be happy yourself, and a delightful companion to others?  If so, send for the Indian invigorating drops. Sent by Mr. Cooper, on receipt of 5s. in stamps.  181, Fleet-street, London, E.C.

ladies in doubtful health.

May hear of an infallible remedy by sending particulars, and Stamped directed envelope to Drs. Lilley and Bruce, care of Mr. Cooper, 181, Fleet-street, London, E.C.

P.S. Drs. L. & B. have had 22 years experience in German and French Hospitals, where all diseases that human flesh is heir to, came to their notice.

Drs. Lilley and bruce.

The former for twelve years Consulting Physician in a German Hospital for Ladies only; the latter for ten years Assistant Surgeon in a Military Hospital in England; where all casts that the human flesh is heir to, came under their notice.

Ladies and Gentlemen in doubtful or delicate health will receive advice gratis, on receipt of particulars, dates, &c., together with a stamped directed envelope for reply. – Address Messrs. Lilley & Co., care of Mr. Cooper, 181, Fleet-street, London, E.C.

Medicines carefully and secretly packed, and forwarded to all parts of Great Britain, and Ireland, the Colonies and France. – Terms very moderate, - The strictest secrecy observed in all cases; and references as to respectability forwarded, if required.


The advertiser has invented an important Article, which will entirely obviate the many troubles and anxieties incidental to married life. – Send stamped envelope, and one stamp for prospectus, containing full particulars of the article and its use, to Drs, Lilley & Bruce, care of Mr. Cooper, 181 Fleet-street, London, E.C.

[This page is headed by a woodcut showing a man with toothache before and after treatment, by the fireplace of a middle class living room with servants’ bell pull. He is saying “Oh! This Tooth ache drives me mad” and in a modified mirror image, “Cured in a Moment!!!”  The block is the same one as that used for two advertisements for Henry’s Nervine as well as this one for Wyles’s Tic Pills.  The text of the ‘before’ speech bubble is part of the woodcut but that in the ‘after’ bubble is in movable type of a quite different face and in the Henry’s advertisements, appears as “I’m cured! Thanks to Henry’s Nervine!!”.  It appears from this evidence that the block belonged to Morris rather than to the owners of the medicine patent (or more likely, medicine secret).  Also, since the woodcut block would have to be removed from one form to another to set up the other pages, it looks as though he knew how long his print run was to be and dispersed his type as soon as he had sufficient copies of each section.]

Wyles’s tic pills.

Everyone suffering from Toothache should use Tic Pills prepared by B. Wyles, Bourne.

         They cure Tooth-ache.

         They cure face-ache.

         They cure Rheumatic Pains in the Head.

         They cure Brow-ague.

         They cure Nervous Pains.

         They cure Tic-Doloreux.


Subjoined is a testimonial, selected from many, which are constantly coming in.  In one instance as many as three severe cases have been cured by one small box.

To Mr. B. Wyles,                                     Bourne, Dec. 27, 1862.

I found your Tic-Doloreux medicine entirely cured me of a very severe attack from which I had been suffering.  You are at liberty to publish this for the benefit of others if you think proper.                                                                              (Signed) C. Moisey.

The Tic Pills are only prepared by B. Wyles, North-street, Bourne, and sold in square boxes, bearing his name, at 1s. 1½d., and 2s. 9d.  If there is any difficulty in obtaining them, send 14 or 34 stamps to B. Wyles, who will forward them post free.

Cough no more!

The pectoral Cough Syrup.

This is the great remedy of the day for coughs, colds, asthma, incipient consumption and whooping cough.  Try it! One dose relieves.  It is pleasant in taste, and children having it once will cry for more.  It is useful for young and old alike.  Hundreds of bottles are sol, and constant testimony is being received of its wondrous efficacy.  This is no puff.

Try it!  Be convinced, and cough no more.  In Bottles, 7½d., 1s. 1½d., and 2s. 9d.


[Since there is space available here, there is an opportunity to make it clear how such prices as these are said.  Many people will not need to be told, but there are now adults who have never used them.  7½d written in full is sevenpence halfpenny and is pronounced as sevnp’nceha’p’ny.  In the twentieth century, 1s. 1½d. was more usually written as 1/1½ or 1/1½d.  The oblique stroke is said to be a relic of the long s which looked like an f and which went out of use in normal texts around 1800, though it is still sometimes found in handwriting from after the date of this booklet.  1/1½ is one and threehayp’nce and 2/9 is two and nine or two and ninep’nce.]



1ST, - Cleanse the Stomach from all offensive accumulations, which so usually produce Functional Derangement, vitiating the food.

2ndly, - Purify the Blood from all acrid and corrupt humours, and you will remove the causes of the greatest mass of diseases which afflict so many of the human family.

A Remedy, proved by 30 years’ experience to be capable of affecting such a desirable and important purpose, is still before the public in


vegetable purifying pills

[The advertisement continues with a testimonial from their agent at Oldbury, Birmingham and a caveat about impostors.  The address is G. Whelpton & Son, 3 Crane Court, Fleet Street, London.]


england’s remedy



Indigestion is a disorder of the stomach and first intestines of bowels, the symptoms of which are – Difficult Digestion of the food; a sense of Oppression and Uneasiness of the Bowels; sometimes Looseness, Furred Tongue, Impaired Strength, Flatulence, Sickness, Head-ache. Palpitation of he Heart, Pains in the Pit of the Stomach and towards the Right side, Sallowness of the Complexion, Depression of Spirits, Nervousness, Disturbed Sleep, Cold Limbs, Feverish Heat, Flushing of the Face, Dryness of the Mouth, Weakness in Knees, sometimes the sight is dim and the person is laid prostrate, and thus the happiness of life, as far as health is concerned, is destroyed.

In the treatment pf Indigestion, the object sought is to restore the stomach, and the system at large, to their proper tone and strength.  These ends must be obtained by the use of very mild aperients, vegetable bitters and astringents.  These remedies will be found in


stomach pills.

Which are specially prepared for the Cure of Indigestion.

They are perfectly free from all mineral and mercurial preparations, gamboges, croton oil, or any other of the poisonous drastic drugs, which are so commonly used in the preparation of pills.  The Herbaceous Stomach Pills contain the extract of some of the choicest digestive ant bilious, tonic, and aperient Herbs and Vegetables, earth produces, For Ladies and Gentlemen of very delicate constitutions, and subject to nervousness, they are one of the very best medicines ever prepared.  As a rule, they give no pain or [sic] occasion any inconvenience.  Children of the youngest age, as well as people of advanced years, may take them with greatest safety.  As a Family Medicine, they cannot be excelled.  One trial will be enough to establish them.



Sold by most Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors, in Boxes at 7½d., 1s.1½d., and 2s.9d. each; of should any difficulty occur, they will be sent, Post Free, for 8, 14, or 33 Stamps, by the proprietors, bagley & co., chemists, middleton, manchester, (late of Wolverhampton.)

Agent:- Mr. J. T. Morris, Stationer, Bourne.

Dr. Roberts’s celebrated Medicines.

dr. roberts’s ointment called

the poor man’s friend.

Is confidently recommended to the public as an unfailing remedy for Wounds of every description, and a certain cure for Ulcerated Sore Legs even if of 20 years’ standing, also for Cuts, Burns, Scalds, Bruises, Chilblains, Ulcers, Scorbutic Eruptions, Pimples on the Face, Weak and Inflamed Eyes, Piles, Fistula, Gangrene, and is a specific for those Eruptions which sometimes follow vaccination.

Sold in pots at 1s. 1½d., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., 11s., and 22s. each.


Dr. Roberts’s Pilulæ Antiscrophulæ.

Proved by 60 years’ successful experience to be an invaluable remedy for that distressing complaint called Scrophula, Glandular Swellings, particularly those of the Neck, &c.  They open the obstructed pores, expel all superfluous humours on the skin, and are one of the best alternatives ever compounded for purifying the blood, and form a mild and superior Aperient that may be taken at all times without confinement or change of diet.

Sold in boxes at 1s. 1½d., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and 22s. each.


Antiscorbutic drops,

For the cure of Scurvey, Scrofula, Leprosy, &c.

To those persons who cannot take Pills these Drops are particularly recommended, they strengthen the constitution, purify the blood, and promote the circulation, are gentle in their operation, and do not require cessation from business.

Sold in bottles at 2s. 9d. each.


Larwill’s pills.

(Prepared from the original recipe of the late Rev. James Larwill, Lyme Regis,) have for many years proved to be one of the best Medicines in the World for the cure of Dropsy, Bilious Complaints, Disease of the Heart, Lungs, &c.

Sold in Boxes at 1s. 1½d., and 2s. 3d. each.


Medicated gingerbread nuts,

A safe, pleasant, and effectual remedy for Worms.

These Nuts are pleasant to the taste as those sold by confectioners, and equal in point of efficacy to any Worm Medicine ever yet offered to the public.

In packets at 7½d. and 1s. 1½d. each.

Sold wholesale by beach and barnicott, Dispensary, Bridport.


[There was also Bagley’s ointment which was “for the cure of Cancerous, Scrofulous, and Indolent Tumours, and Inveterate Ulcers, Glandular Affections of the Neck, Scurvy” (this more than 110 years after Cook had demonstrated the real cure for scurvy by losing nobody to it during his voyages round the world) “Ring-worms, White Swellings, Chilblains, Chapped Hands, Burns or Scalds, Bruises, &c.”  The advertisement, like several others, refers vaguely to humours, so revealing the lingering influence of the Pythagorean philosophers of 24 centuries earlier!  “This Ointment is the best Family Ointment ever prepared cleansing, as it does, all sores of every description of the foul humours that have been accumulated, while at the same time it subdues inflammation,…”]

[There is one example of a more vigorous approach to health:-]

Thacker’s home gymnasium.


This gymnasium, consisting of Horizontal Bar, Hand Rings, Trapeze Bar, Stirrups, Vaulting and Leaping Exercises, and Swing, can be fixed up in any room, hall of garden, and can be removed in one minute, a space of 6 or 8 feet wide will give ample room for every exercise.  All the Bars, Ladders, Swings, etc., of the ordinary Gymnasium, will not give one half of the variety which is found in this single and simple apparatus.  It is justly esteemed the most remarkable invention in the whole field of physical culture.  It is particularly adapted to the wants of those who cannot avail themselves of the advantages of a Gymnastic Institution.

The apparatus is supported by two strong hooks in the ceiling, 18 inches apart, and screwed into the joist 5 inches, leaving only the small hooks visible.  It is so arranged that it can be converted in one minute into a Horizontal Bar, Hand Rings, Trapeze, Stirrups or Swing, and can be raised or lowered at pleasure without detaching it from the ceiling.

With Handbook of Exercises, Illustrated with 220 Woodcuts, Ropes, Screws, Eyes, Hooks, and all attachments for fixing, complete in Box.

Price two guineas.

henry thacker & co., Manufacturers, 48, Paternoster Row, London.

[But when all else failed, there were the undertakers:-]

e. berry, Eastgate, Bourne.  Carpenter & joiner, paper hanger, undertaker, &c., Expresses his sincere thanks to the inhabitants of Bourne and neighbourhood, for their liberal support he has received during the 20 years he has been in business, and respectfully solicits a continuance of the same.

william hall, cabinet maker and joiner, paperhanger, upholsterer, undertaker, &c., South Street, Bourne. Desires to express his sincere thanks to his Friends and the Inhabitants of Bourne and the Neighbourhood, for the liberal patronage bestowed on him, and begs to solicit their continued support, assuring them that each branch of the business will continue to receive his best attention, and that all orders with which he may be favoured shall be promptly executed.  A large stock of hanging papers from 3d. per piece.  Pictures framed to order, and needlework made up in the newest style.

j. story, Builder, cabinet maker, upholsterer, undertaker, paperhanger, &c.  Go to J.  Story’s for cheap and modern furniture, paperhangings, &c.



North St., Bourne.

Monuments, tombs, & gravestones

Neatly executed, on the most reasonable terms.

Agent for the Whittington Life Assurance Company.

Thanks are due to Mr. E. Robinson for the loan of a copy of the original.

These notes were re-written in 2005 from a set made in 1988 for Bourne Civic Society.