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Andrews, Stan. & Ring.1947
William Alderman	1830
Philip Ashley		1797
William Baker		1799
Charles Bennet	1830
Mary Bocney		1797
Charles Bonner	1830
Braithwaite		1947
William Brittain  	1799
William Brittain	1830
Thomas Chamberlain	1797
W.L.Darnes		1947
Matthew Dawkins 	1799
Thomas Dawkins 	1799
F. Deacon		1947
Marquess of Exeter	1947
Marquis of Exeter	1830
A. Graves		1947
Hubbard		1947
Major Hart		1799
Simon Ladle		1797
William Law		1830
W.R.Laxton		1947
Simon Leadham	1797
Thomas R.Lyall	1947
K.Mitchelson		1947
W.K.Morton & Sons	1947
G.H.Mutter		1947
Ann Oliver		1797
George Oliver		1797
William Oliver	1799
John Onn		1797
L.Parker		1947
T.H.Parker		1947
J.W.Riley		1947
G.Rippon		1947
Philip Scatley		1797
James Smith		1830
Thomas Smith		1797
Thomas ?Souster	1830
Richard Taylor	1797
George Thiselton	1830
Widow Thiselton	1799
William Thiselton	1799
William Thiselton	!830
William Thistleton	1797
Elizabeth Thorpe	1830
Rowland Torye	1799
Edward Wherry	1799
Messrs. Walfords	1947
John Wand		1797
William Ward		1797
F.G.Windsor		1947


As well as administration and linking pages (A), the archive contains

·        web links (L) to other sites,

·        transcriptions (T) of documents, 

·        summaries (S) of documents                   and

·        original interpretations (O) of documents and topics

of a selection of historical documents relating mainly to Bourne, Lincolnshire.


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Twelfth Century


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Thirteenth Century


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Fourteenth Century


Military (A)

Fifteenth Century


Social Welfare (A)

Sixteenth Century



Seventeenth Century


References (A)

Eighteenth Century

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Nineteenth Century

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Twentieth Century

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If you have a particular subject in mind; for example, the inner bailey gatehouse of Bourne Castle, make a Google search for bailey gatehouse. Then run ‘Find’ on the web page.


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