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Rounded Rectangle: The Thirteenth Century
Andrews, Stan. & Ring.1947
William Alderman	1830
Philip Ashley		1797
William Baker		1799

Charles Bonner	1830
Braithwaite		1947

Thomas Chamberlain	1797

Matthew Dawkins 	1799
Thomas Dawkins 	1799
F. Deacon		1947

Marquis of Exeter	1830
A. Graves		1947
Hubbard		1947
Major Hart		1799
Simon Ladle		1797
William Law		1830

Ann Oliver		1797
George Oliver		1797
William Oliver	1799

L.Parker		1947
T.H.Parker		1947
J.W.Riley		1947
G.Rippon		1947

James Smith		1830
Thomas Smith		1797

Richard Taylor	1797

Elizabeth Thorpe	1830

Edward Wherry	1799

John Wand		1797
William Ward		1797


This page links to pages transcribed from published and from manuscript material. The information is generally contemporary with the document, but it may refer back to earlier circumstances or have been published later. Particularly where the transcription is of a legal document, it may be more or less, a summary. Pages are linked from here when their subject is thirteenth century.


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Robert Mannyng



Bourne Abbey

Robert Mannyng


Social, Health and Welfare.



Bourne Castle specifically, the thirteenth century gatehouse.

Hauberks and Surcoats


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