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The Parish of Baston


Baston lies at grid reference TF1113, in southern Lincolnshire, between Market Deeping and Bourne, on the A15 road. The eastern part of the parish is farmland on reclaimed fen but both this and the village are founded on a broad and extremely gently sloping fan of sand and gravel, laid down 18,000 or so years ago, on the bed of a proglacial lake. Gravel extraction is consequently, part of the parish’s economy.


The following index lists links to archive and other items, with historical content relevant to Baston.


Baston Parish Council’s site.

                   Rex Needle’s description.

                   Statistical Summary of the Parish.

                   The Barn and Brudenell field.

Book references:

                    Urns Farm Cemetery

Fenland Notes and Queries:

                    The Plague in Baston.

The Parliamentary Gazetteer, 1843:


Paterson’s Roads, 1826, a road book:

                    The part of this which includes Baston.

Royal Forest:

                    Kesteven Forest.

Satellite Photograph:


White’s Directory, 1882: title page.


                    The Parishes of the Bourne Poor Law Union.

Wikipedia Articles:


                    Car Dyke.

                    River Glen.

                    King Street


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