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During the great upheaval of the 1640s, Lincolnshire lay on the diffuse frontier between the Parliamentarian heartland in London, the Home Counties and East Anglia while, in the Midlands, the tide of war ebbed and flowed but the Royalist strongholds of Newark and Belvoir persisted,just outside the county.

I have collected transcriptions of material on this site and made links to others because I found the combination of the recognisable emotions and 360 year-old ways of thinking, interesting. It is all part of what made us what we are.

This page simply provides links to others on the Lincolnshire Civil War theme. Some are on this site; others elsewhere.


Documents (transcriptions, translations and summaries):

FNQ 167†††††††††††† Huntingdonshire Grievances in 1642

FNQ 298†††††† The Seven Associated Counties

FNQ 760†††††† Civil War, 1642. News sheet report on events in Peterborough and Sleaford

FNQ 1113†††††† Serges, in Lincolnshire [Skegness]

FNQ 758†††††† Arrests in Cambridgeshire

FNQ 965†††††† Fall of Lynn

FNQ 761††††††† Siege of Crowland

FNQ 1125††††† Crowland retaken

FNQ 834†††††† Delinquents around Peterborough [Part 1]

FNQ 860†††††† Delinquents around Peterborough [Part 2]

FNQ479†††††††††††† Opposition to Drainage by Soke of Peterborough, 1650

FNQ 838†††††† The Kingís 10,000 Acres

FNQ 108†††††† Underwood Family

FNQ 517†††††††††††† Mrs. Hudson (Social consequences)

FNQ 62†††††††††††††† Refugees from European Politics

Edward Lake: Blois Turnerís 1848 lecture

Social mobility in 1620: A property transaction.


Archaeological Studies

The Browne memorial in the chancel of Bourne Abbey.

Evidence of Civil War activity at Bourne Abbey.


Studies (modern writing on the respective subjects):

The British Civil Wars site gives much information about the wars and personalities nationwide.

A discussion of the principal documents nationally. From the Civil War (Liberty Library).

The Civil War in Lincolnshire (Narative) British Civil Wars site

Siege of Bolingbroke and Battle of Winceby

The Friends of Bolingbroke Castle Siege page.

The Civil War in Lincolnshire (Chronology)

James Harrington, from Upton, Northampton and Rand, Lincoln was a political philosopher.

The Civil War in and about Nottinghamshire. Nottinghamshire History site

The Sieges of Hull (Yorkshire History site)

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