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Gazetteers, Directories and Road Books



A gazetteer gives a summary of each place listed. It concentrates on broadly geographical matters though some may be weighted towards details of political and social administration.


A directory is a form of gazetteer which strongly emphasizes the listing of people, usually predominantly, in their capacity as traders or service providers.

Itineraries (Road Books)

Before the days of satellite navigation and road atlases, it was normal for reasonably well-heeled travellers to own a road book of the country. In it, the roads were described according to a formula, landmark by landmark, with the distances between them and very important for the sales appeal, notes of the notable residences and their occupants to right and left. Typically, the roads radiating from the capital were described, then the branch roads leading from them to places intermediate between the main routes. Lastly, the roads crossing the radial routes and running between provincial towns, the cross-roads, were described.


The following index lists the items so far transcribed.

Gazetteers and Directories.

Coxís description of Lincolnshire c.1716


Marratís History of Lincolnshire, 1816: an historical gazetteer.

Bourne Castle

William Dodd

Civil War

Dr. Willis

Universal British Directory, 1791

Bourne Gazetteer and Directory: Sheila Whittle-Bruceís transcription.

William White's History and Directory 1826

Title page

Bourne Gazetteer and Trade Directory.

Lewis Topographical Dictionary of England 1831

Bourne Gazetteer: Sheila Whittle-Bruceís transcription.

Pigotís Gazetteer and Directory 1835


Pigotís Gazetteer and Directory 1841


William White's History, Gazetteer and Directory 1842

Bourne Directory: Sheila Whittle-Bruceís transcription.

The Parliamentary Gazetteer, 1843:


The Parishes of the Bourne Poor Law Union.

William White's History, Gazetteer and Directory 1882.

Baston Gazetteer and Directory.

Bourne Directory: Sheila Whittle-Bruceís transcription.

Bourne Directories (trade classified and residents)

Road Books.

G. A. Cookeís topographical description of Lincolnshire, ca. 1808: a form of road book.

Bourne: Illustrated edition

Patersonís Roads, 1826.


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