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Lincolnshire People: Notable People with Lincolnshire Connections

This page is a set of links to others giving biographical information about the notable people who have or had Lincolnshire connections.

Bourne People are listed on their own page.

Dictionary of National Biography

The D. N. B. is a very good source of information but is a service for subscribers. Fortunately, numerous local authority library services subscribe to it on our behalf. If you are a member of a service on this list, you can use the DNB for research by entering a code and your membership number in the library card login box on this page. The code is typically, but not always, the first three letters of the county name in upper case. For example, a member of the Lincolnshire Library Service would enter LIN followed by his membership number, thus LIN******. This can be done in the public library or at home.

Having entered the site, you should find in most cases, that a search using the subject’s name, given in the following list of search keys, will find the relevant article without need for scrutiny of any intervening list of options. The search keys are given without brackets and the bracketed parts are there just for clarification.

Aelfgar (earl of Mercia)

Baldwin fitz Gilbert (de Clare)

Joseph Banks (naturalist, of Revesby)

Montague Bertie (second Lord Lindsey and soldier)

Peregrine Bertie (Baron Willoughby de Eresby and soldier)

Robert Bertie (first Lord Lindsey and soldier)

George Boole (mathematician, of Lincoln)

William Cecil, Lord Burghley (of Bourne and Stamford)

John Cotton (minister in America)

Eadwine, earl of Mercia

Matthew Flinders (explorer, of Donington)

(lady) Godiva (countess of Mercia)

Sir Edward Harwood (soldier, especially in the Netherlands)

Hereward (‘the Wake’, of Bourne)

Gervase Holles (1607-75, antiquary)

Sir Edward Lake (lawyer and Royalist soldier)

Leofric, earl of Mercia

Frederick Manning (writer, of Edenham and Bourne)

Robert Mannyng (de Brunne, monk of Sempringham)

William Marrat (publisher, of Boston)

Sir William Monson (naval officer)

Morcar (earl of Northumbria)

Isaac Newton (scientist, of Woolsthorpe)

Sir John Ogle (soldier, of Pinchbeck)

Simon Patrick (Bishop of Ely)

John Smith (soldier and colonial governor)

Pishey Thompson (historian of Boston)

(The) Willoughby de Eresby (family - click on Willoughby family)

(Francis Willoughby) fifth Baron Willoughby of Parham

(William Willoughby) sixth Baron Willoughby of Parham

Wikipedia Articles

Aaron of Lincoln

Ælfgar, Earl of Mercia

Joseph Banks

Henry Bolingbroke

Jim Broadbent

Robert Browne

Barons Burghley

Billy Butlin

William Byrd

John Cotton

Colin Dexter

Edwin, Earl of Mercia

Matthew Flinders

John Foxe

John Franklin

Gilbert of Sempringham

Guthlac of Crowland

Gwenllian ( ferch Llywelyn )

John Harrison


Tony Jacklin

Mike Jackson

Barons Kesteven

Leofric, Earl of Mercia

Bishops of Lincoln

Earls of Lincoln

Hugh of Lincoln

Henry Simpson Lunn

Geoffrey Luttrell

Frederic Manning

Robert Mannyng

Neville Marriner

Nicholas Maw

Morcar, Earl of Northumbria

Isaac Newton

Nicholas Parsons

Francis Peck

Joan Plowright

Steve Race

Malcolm Sargent

Jennifer Saunders

Earls of Scarbrough

Liz Smith

John Smith

Sheridan Smith

William Stukeley

Bernie Taupin

Dick Taverne

Graham Taylor

Alfred Tennyson

Margaret Thatcher

Charles Wesley

John Wesley

John Whitgift

Frank Whittle

Barons Willoughby de Eresby

Barons Willoughby of Parham

Earls of Yarborough

Other Hyperlinks

The Cecil family

The Clay family

Sir Edward Harwood

Edward Lake

Frederic Manning

Brand, Abbot of Peterborough


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