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Fenland Notes and Queries


Fenland Notes and Queries, a Quarterly Antiquarian Journal for the Fenland, in the Counties of Huntingdon, Cambridge, Northampton, Lincoln, Norfolk, and Suffolk.

It is referred to in these web pages as FNQ.

Volume I was edited by W.H. Bernard Saunders and the later ones, by Rev. W.D. Sweeting, Rector of Maxey. Published by its printer, Geo. C. Caster of Market Place, Peterborough.


This periodical appeared quarterly in 69 parts from 1889 to at least April 1906 by which time Sweeting was living in Surrey. The eleven parts, from April 1889 to October 1891 constituted volume 1.

It took the form of a forum in which people sent in questions about the history, ecology and so on of the Fens and the region’s environs and others replied with some sort of answer. Some ‘answers’ seem to have been spontaneous, so qualifying as ‘notes’. The concept had been used before, in Notes and Queries, to which reference is sometimes made in FNQ.

The latter was referenced in the usual way, by volume (though, less formally, each issue published was called a part) and page but the articles were numbered separately in sequence of publication. This is the reference used on these web pages.


The transcriptions listed here have been taken mostly from a set of copies in the Willoughby Memorial Library, to the trustees of which, I offer my thanks.


The following index lists the items so far transcribed by topic group.


338             Boundary between Kesteven and Holland (Part 1: 1500)

380             Boundary between Kesteven and Holland (Part 2: 1500)

425             Boundary between Kesteven and Holland (Part 3: 1500) (lacks footnotes as yet)

468             Boundary between Kesteven and Holland (Part 4: 1817)

Bourne Charities

32               Whitebread Meadow Auction

1049           Whitebread Meadow Auction

Bourne’s Name

444             Wheeler’s view

Bourne People

518             Frederick Charles Worth [sic]

610             Robert Mason Mills: FNQ correspondent

852             William Dodd’s Publication of Callimachus

1035           Manor of Sutton Holland (Everard Buckworth)


21               Earthquakes in the Fenland

22               Storm at Morton

32               Whitebread Meadow Auction

118              Earthquakes in the Fenland

151              Raining Wheat at Bourn

172             The Wise Woman of Market Deeping

759             Tale of a Terrier

1049           Whitebread Meadow Auction


26               Price of Food at Ramsey in 1317

177              Crowland and Whittlesey 1792

602            ‘Roman’ Pottery at Bourne

634             Fenland Briefs

887             The price of mutton 1759

895             Littleport Riots

918             The price of mutton 1814


591             The Author of the Camp of Refuge: Question

610             The Author of the Camp of Refuge: Answer

The Hereward Supplement


210             George Fox in the Fenland

298             The Seven Associated Counties

915             Huguenots: the Gaches family

967             Huguenots: the Wanty family

1102           Spalding Priory

Seventeenth Century & English Civil War

42               Plague at Ramsey

62               French Protestant Refugees in the Fens

108             The Underwood Family

167             Huntingdon Grievances in 1642

210             George Fox in the Fenland

298             The Seven Associated Counties

346             The Plague in the Fens

479             Opposition to Drainage by the Soke of Peterborough, 1650

501             King’s Speech, 1662

517              Mrs. Hudson’s Plight

693             Lawrence Wiltshire, Rector of Peakirk

758             Arrests in Cambridgeshire

760             Civil War, 1642. News sheet report on events in Peterborough and Sleaford

761             Siege of Crowland

834             Delinquents around Peterborough [Part 1]

838             The King’s 10,000 Acres

860            Delinquents around Peterborough [Part 2]

915             Huguenots: the Gaches family

925             Huguenots: the Wanty family: query

967             Huguenots: the Wanty family: note

1113            Serges, in Lincolnshire [Skegness]

1125            Crowland Retaken



The Hereward the Wake supplement. Numbered by chapters. This was originally published in parts, with issues of FNQ from April 1895.  Its thirty-six chapters are presented here in annotated form and the Latin and English versions are presented each on one web page without commentary. At present, it still needs some proof-reading and copy-editing but it should not be too misleading in its present form. RJP

The Hereward Contents page


Rev. W.D. Sweeting’s lecture on the history of Maxey

Rev. W.D. Sweeting’s Maxey churchyard grave survey

Rev. W.D. Sweeting’s Cathedral Church of Peterborough Full version


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