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Fenland Notes and Queries. This will have been originally in the quarterly Part 6, July 1890. Edited by W.H. Bernard Saunders, F.R. Hist. Soc.

Articles 1 to 237 (April 1889 to October 1891) formed Volume 1. Published by Geo. C. Caster, Market Place, Peterborough.

This quarterly periodical took the form of a forum in which people sent in questions about the history, ecology and so on of the Fens and the region’s environs and others replied with some sort of answer. Some ‘answers’ seem to have been spontaneous, so qualifying as ‘notes’.

In the web page, editorial notes in the form [note] are those of FNQ; those in the form [note] are those of RJP.

Seventeenth Century Civil War

108 – Underwood Family, – (No. 27, Part 1.) – Catharine Cromwell, (bapt. At St. John’s, Huntingdon, 7 Feb.1596-7), sister to the Protector, mar[ried] Roger Whetston, son (supposed) of Jonas, of Barnack, Northants., connected with the Underwoods of co. Cambs. Francis Underwood of Whittlesea, commanded the detachment of Parliamentarians that captured by storm, 6 June, 1648, Woodcroft-house in the parish of Etton, Northants., into which a party of Royalists had thrown themselves and out in a state of defence, under Dr. Michael Hudson, (Chaplain to the King and Rector of Uffington, Lincs.) who was barbarously murdered, and Mr. Styles, Rector of Croyland, who escaped (and afterwards became Warden of Wm. Browne’s Hospital, Stamford). [1677. William Stiles, warden, bur. April 24. – St. Michael’s, Stamford, bur. reg. 1648. Edward Rossiter, by a shott from Woodcroft house received two wounds whereof he presently died June 5 and on the 8th day of this present month was bur. at Etton. Etton, Northamptonshire, p.r.] For this service he received the thanks of the House of Commons, and two days after, being a Lieut. Col., was appointed Gov. of Whittlesey and Croyland. On his death, his widow re-mar. Col. John Jones, an Officer in the service of Parliament and one of the judges at the King’s trial, for which he suffered death at the Restoration [1660]. Robt. Whetstone, of Barnack, who died in 1626, (supposed), father to Jonas W., mar. Catharine, sister of Mr. Michael Pickering, (probably identical with, as the par. Reg. of St. John’s Peterborough, informs us “Mychaell Pickering, gentleman, slayne by Ihon Norton, gentleman, in a challenge near Burroughe Berry,” and was bur. 23 Sept., 1606) and had issue Ionas [FNQ has no punctuation between these words] Anne, wife of Mr. Richard Heron, of Maxey, and Frances, wife of Mr. Allen King, of London.