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Bourne Abbots Estate Map: Detail of the Vicinity of The Abbey

South Street and the Abbey Lawn. Detail from the Bourne Abbots Estate Map of 1825.


Loading detail of the Abbey area of Bourne, from the 1825 Bourne Abbots Estate map.
These big pictures take a few seconds to load and tend to scroll jerkily: sorry:)The detail shows South Street on the western side. The mill, later known as Baldockís Mill is shown stippled. It stands on the site of the castleís mill, towards the south-eastern end of the castle site. By this stage, its tail race lay in a culvert under the road, as it does today. In the map, the Bourne Eau still leads from it, through the garden of the vicarís eighteenth century house. The river is shown continuing between the garden of the house (plot 57),now known as Bourne Eau House and a yard or road leading to the Vicarage and the west door of the abbey. Access to the west side (back) of Abbey House is likely but unproved. Having passed under the entrance to the yard and part of the house, the river appears more faintly where it passes through the grey/green colour code of the directly-managed Pochin property, adjoining the late George Pochinís house (The Abbey) and its sheep lawn (The Abbey Lawn). At the southern edge, it passes close to the abbey fish ponds having taken a tortuous route, dictated by its original layout as a boundary around the monastic abbey buildings (RJP3). The street in the north ran eastwards towards Eastgate, originally from the castle gate.


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