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Eastgate, from the Bourne Abbots Estate Map of 1825.

This is a detail, covering Eastgate, taken from the enlarged inset of the town, in the Bourne Abbots Estate Map of 1825.

Loading a detail of Eastgate, Bourne from the 1825 Bourne Abbots Estate map. 
These big pictures take a few seconds to load and  tend  to scroll jerkily: sorry :) In the figure, the grey/green is land of Mrs. Eleanor Pochin’s successors in the Bourne Abbots estate. She had died in 1823. The barely distinguishable pink is land copyhold of the manor of Bourne Abbots. Brown is roads and blue, water. The diagonally hatched shapes are dwelling houses and the stippled shapes are outbuildings such as a mill, stables and workshops.

The water in the west is the mill pool of what became Notley’s Mill and just to its north, the one of the abbey fish ponds which was filled when the Sleaford railway was built in 1870/1. The green plot in the north-west corner was part of the Abbey Lawn, extending from the sample of the map concerning The Abbey.

In the east, the wider part of the river is part of the basin at the head of the Bourne Eau Navigation, as it resulted from the 1781 Act of Parliament. The water leading from the north, into the river is the Car Dyke

Names mentioned in the present sample map are George Bailey, John Chamberlain, Alexander Eadon, Marquess of Exeter, Thomas Hales, John Ley Row, John [Presgrave], Edward Sharpe, Thomas Shipley, Henry Thistleton, William Thistleton and Edward Wherry.

Most of the landowners’ names can be found in the 1817 Land Tax Assessment.


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