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Bourne West Field, from the Bourne Abbots Estate Map of 1825.

The medićval open field system of Bourne parish was divided into three groups of fields, each group laid out so as to be worked from one of the main settlements in the parish: Bourne, Dyke or Cawthorpe. The North, East, South and West Fields were laid out so as to be best worked from Bourne. The West Field was large and of a complex shape. It also appears on the most worn part of the Bourne Abbots map, so that it is difficult to reproduce it in a way which clearly shows the details of its boundary. On this page, Figure 7. shows its whole extent and this is followed, on subsequent pages, by details in which the more difficult parts of the boundary line may be followed.







The West Field forms a zone to the west of the town southwards from the North Field, to its boundary with the South Field, quite close to the southern border of the parish. Also, a spur of land extends westwards to the western boundary of the parish, along each side of the spine formed by the turnpike roads towards Edenham and Stamford respectively.


In Figure 7, the pale brown boundary between the North and West fields is fairly clear and Fig. 7a begins to trace its course from the western end of this, where the boundary separates the West Field from Bourne Wood.



Most of the landowner’s names can be found in the 1817 Land Tax Assessment.


Follow the boundary on page 7a

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