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Bourne East Field, from the Bourne Abbots Estate Map.

This is a detail, covering the area of the pre-enclosure East Field in Bourne Parish, taken from the Bourne Abbots Estate Map of 1825.


The contrast in the picture here is greatly enhanced to reveal what in the map itself, is often very faint.

 The parish of Bourne had three sets of open fields; one set each for Bourne, Cawthorpe and Dyke. Those of Bourne were named from compass points: East, South and West. The East Field is outlined here by a faint brown line. It lay to the East of the Lincoln road and North of Meadowgate and the back lane which is now Manning Road, and the Outgang, (now Spalding Road). Thence it passed along its tortuous boundary with the Meadow until it met Meadow Drove before the boundary turned westwards along the southern edge of the Dyke field system.

Mill Drove runs west to east across it so providing access both from the turnpike road and Meadow Drove. It joins the turnpike road, now A15, to Meadow Drove, which runs north and south through the pre-enclosure pasture of Bourne Meadow. Mill Drove has the appearance of a road laid out as a result of the agricultural Enclosure Act of 1766 but ridge and furrow shown by Hayes and Lane (Fig. 83. p. 139) is compliant with it, so it may be older. The toll gate was just to the north of the Mill Drove junction with the turnpike, so people could go from Bourne into the East Field without incurring a toll.

Most of the landowners’ names can be found in the 1817 Land Tax Assessment.


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