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Cawthorpe, from the Bourne Abbots Estate Map of 1825.

This is a detail, covering the general area of the Cawthorpe part of Bourne Parish, taken from the Bourne Abbots Estate Map of 1825.


ILoading the Cawthorpe part of the Bourne Abbots Estate Map.

The Exeter Estate Book map assigns the name ‘Quinto Field’ to only part of the area shown here under that name, which lies either side of Cawthorpe Road. The northern part of the field as named here is there, called ‘Dog Hill Field’. In the EEB map, the land south of Edenham Road and between the hamlet and the wood is called ‘Cawthorpe West Field’. In 1825, these names were not of as great significance as they had been before the Bourne Enclosure Act of 1766, when they were the names of the open fields and a major part of the whole economic management of Bourne parish.


 A more detailed view of the hamlet of Cawthorpe.

A list of Cawthorpe landowners in 1817.


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