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The Bourne Archive Gallery


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Figure 13. Bourne Castle. View from the middle bailey, across the inner bailey moat and the inner bailey to the innermost moat and the motte. The path across the picture is modern but the causeway retaining the small patch of water just beyond it is a late or early post-medieval causeway leading form the late thirteenth century gate which stood a little to the left of a line between the staked sapling and the tree behind it. The puddle in the depression representing the innermost moat shows the curve of the motte’s circumference, while a remnant of the motte remains as a bank. The tree in the centre of the picture stands on its late C13 revetment. The far edge of the grass in the left half of the picture is slightly raised and lies over the spread pisé core of the inner bailey curtain wall. Immediately beyond it and out of sight is part of the inner bailey moat.

(Picture date late 2002)