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The Bourne Archive Gallery

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Figure 15. Bourne Castle. View across the innermost moat from the west. The parched ground under the trees in the right background is the spread pisť core of the 12th century (C12) inner bailey curtain wall, parched by the tree roots, with a building platform at the right end. In front of it is the curve of green of the innermost moat. The late C13 revetment of the motte shows as the curved parch mark under the central tree. The green to its right is the site of the earthen motte, originating in about 1140. The fore-building of the keep is in the centre foreground and adjoins the revetment. It was part of the C13 work. Beyond the moat and just in front of the C17 house is another building platform with others in the left distance. The parch mark in the extreme foreground is that of the stone, late C13 inner bailey curtain wall.

(Picture date September 1991)