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The Bourne Archive Gallery

2006 R.J.PENHEY (Picture date September 1991)


Figure 8. Bourne Castle. View from the remnant of the motte. The green under the bushes is over the inner bailey moat where it begins to widen into the defensive lake. The parch marks are of the late thirteenth century features, the stone inner bailey curtain wall, the fore-building and the motte revetment. The pale strip beyond the tree on the right is a modern path but the slightly nearer parch mark which this photo makes to look parallel with it is the late or post-medieval causeway leading from the C13 gatehouse, across the narrowed inner bailey moat. At the end of the causeway, the inner bailey gatehouse, reported by Trollope, is immediately beyond the tree to the right. The green foreground is the site of the motte, originally of ca. 1140 but modified in the late C13.

The similar motte revetment, surmounted by a shell keep and from the same period as the Bourne one, may still be seen at Farnham, in Surrey. photograph. For an aerial photograph of it, see (Allen Brown, p.116). Another example, with a fore-building very much like the one represented by the square parch mark is at Berkeley, Gloucestershire (Allen Brown, photo p.51).