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Eleventh Century Flanders


Background to the Flemish Parts of the Hereward Story



The purpose of this page is to bring notes together, mainly from various Wikipedia articles, to see how events of the Hereward story may fit into the history of the Netherlands. When this list was compiled, in general, the French language Wikipedia pages gave the fullest information on this subject but others have been used and Wikipedia will have developed further since.


Articles used:

                  English                                         Flemish                                                          French                                          German

County of Guines                               Graafschap Guînes                           Comté de Guînes                                    Grafschaft Guînes

List of the counts of Guînes              Lijst van graven van Guînes             Liste des comtes de Guînes

Manasses I of Guînes                       Manasses I van Guînes                    Manassès Ier de Guînes

County of Flanders                            Graafschap Vlaanderen                   Comté de Flandre                             Grafschaft Flandern

Counts of Flanders                           Lijst van graven van Vlaanderen    Liste des comtes de Flandre            Liste der Grafen von Flandern

Baldwin IV, Count of Flanders         Boudewijn IV van Vlaanderen          Baudouin IV de Flandre                  

Baldwin V; Count of Flanders          Boudewijn V van Vlaanderen          Baudouin V de Flandre                          Balduin V. (Flandern)

Baldwin VI, Count of Flanders         Boudewijn VI van Vlaanderen          Baudouin VI de Flandre                         Balduin VI. (Flandern)

Robert I, Count of Flanders              Robrecht I van Vlaanderen               Robert Ier de Flandre                             Robert I. (Flandern)

Floris I, Count of Holland                  Floris I van Holland                            Florent Ier de Hollande                           Florens I. (Holland)

Gertrude of Saxony                           Geertruida van Saksen                    Gertrude de Saxe

Dirk V, Count of Holland                   Dirk V van Holland                            Thierry V de Hollande                             Dietrich V.


The name which, in French is Thierry takes the forms Diederik, or Dirk in Flemish, Dietrich in German and Derreck, or Dirk, in English.


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