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Anon. The Bourne Abbots Estate Map.Unpublished land agentís record of land ownership in the parish of Bourne. (1825)

The map has been reproduced by pricking through to another. This in conjunction with its similarity to estate maps from the Exeter Estate, and Morton, implies that it is based on a common source. Consequently, the fact that the three maps corroborate each other in matters such as the layout of Bourne castle is not confirmation of accuracy. However, the present map is not drawn directly from that of the commissioners of the 1766 Bourne Enclosure Act. There are significant differences in scale and detail between them.

1140 x 1568 mm, on skin. The map was owned by Andrews, Stanton and Ringrose, Solicitors and is now in private ownership. The owner has given permission for reproduction on this site but there are practical difficulties which mean that the process may be slow. Sample details may be reached from the page dealing with the map.


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